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TBS Webinar | Origin Of Eukaryotes – From The Inside-Out | David Baum

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Topic: Origin Of Eukaryotes – From The Inside-Out

About the Speaker:
Prof. David Baum currently works as a Professor of Botany at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States. He completed his PhD at Washington University. His major research interests include plant phylogenetics, conceptual issues in evolution and systematics and the origin of life. His research goal is to understand how evolution works to generate the diversity of living organisms today. In addition to various theoretical and conceptual interests, he has focused on evolutionary-developmental and molecular phylogenetic research on flowering plants.

Prof. Baum will be discussing how the eukaryotic cell, which gives way to the life of an individual, came into existence. Though it is known that some of the organelles such as Mitochondria came into existence via the endosymbiotic relationship between free-living proteobacteria and archaeon host, it is still unknown as to how the nuclear and endomembrane systems evolved. Can it be possible that they developed ‘Outside-In’ from the outer membranes or was it the reverse case? That maybe there was an ‘Inside-Out’ possibility.

Watch the complete video to find how the evolution of the Eukaryotic Cell took place!!

Date: 14th March 2021

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