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The Healing Benefits Of Hydrogen Water (Scientific Research)

The Healing Benefits Of Hydrogen Water (Scientific Research)

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What is it? Molecular hydrogen is a gas which can be used therapeutically to help prevent oxidative stress damage. Molecular hydrogen can be inhaled as a gas at concentrations of 1-3% (plus 20-30% oxygen, and nitrogen making up the remainder) or it can be dissolved into water or saline under pressure to create saturated (1.6 mg/L= 1.6 ppm= 0.8 mM) and supersaturated solutions (1.6 ppm).

Hydrogen gas inhalation has been tested for the mitigation of acute neurological impairment associated with stroke/heart attack or surgery. Hydrogen-rich water has been used to protect against oxidative stress and inflammation in a variety of conditions, including Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and metabolic dysregulation, kidney disease, hepatitis rheumatoid arthritis, and chemotherapy. Hydrogen water bathing is also popular in Japan for the maintenance of youthful skin and preventing wrinkles. Molecular hydrogen acts as an antioxidant to reduce hydroxyl radicals and peroxynitrite (ONOO-), but does not neutralize potentially beneficial free radicals, such as nitric oxide. Hydrogen can also modulate miRNA
expression and signal transduction pathways. Some of the protective benefits appear to be related to induction of the Nrf2 antioxidant pathway and the fatty acid metabolism regulator FGF21. However, the exact mechanisms mediating its beneficial effects are not fully understood.
Acute physical exercise increases reactive oxygen species in skeletal muscle, leading to tissue damage and fatigue. Molecular hydrogen (H2) acts as a therapeutic antioxidant directly or indirectly by inducing antioxidative enzymes. Here, we examined the effects of drinking H2 water (H2-infused water) on psychometric fatigue and endurance capacity in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled fashion. In Experiment 1, all participants drank only placebo water in the first cycle ergometer exercise session, and for comparison they drank either H2 water or placebo water 30 min before exercise in the second examination. In these healthy non-trained participants (n = 99), psychometric fatigue judged by visual analogue scales was significantly decreased in the H2 group after mild exercise. When each group was divided into 2 subgroups, the subgroup with higher visual analogue scale values was more sensitive to the effect of H2. In Experiment 2, trained participants (n = 60) were subjected to moderate exercise by cycle ergometer in a similar way as in Experiment 1, but exercise was performed 10 min after drinking H2 water. Endurance and fatigue were significantly improved in the H2 group as judged by maximal oxygen consumption and Borg’s scale, respectively. Taken together, drinking H2 water just before exercise exhibited anti-fatigue and endurance effects (

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31 thoughts on “The Healing Benefits Of Hydrogen Water (Scientific Research)
  1. Thanks Lucas that’s so informative to me as I have Parkinson’s. What is the best time of day to have the water and how often. I was taking it previously but will start taking this again.

  2. I’ve tried it out a couple times and it gets me really irritated and a light headache for some reason? Have tried to look it up and couldn’t find any information on these side effects. Any guesses?

  3. Mate the video editing on this is fantastic 👏 Glad you found a great editor. Your video quality now reflects your quality of information. This new style will help you start growing much faster 👊

  4. Hi Brother Lucas, would there be a way where we could make hydrogen water at home ? because we aren’t talking here of a supplement which is usually taken once in day …. water is 3 to 4 ltrs a day … practically as wells as economically it may very difficult for the majority of the people…hence if there is a way where one could add hydrogen to water then it would be so beneficial to the society as a whole … thanks 🙏 once again for cutting edge info


  5. Wonder if I can put this on very warm filtered water. Any research out there on heating up filtered water – seems to be cleaning out the toxins to help out the liver and kidneys

  6. I have a water ionizer at home that creates hydrogen rich water, I love it and could never go back.

    Although having said that I work FIFO and bring my Hydrogen rich water to site and when I run out and start drinking the site water I immediately feel sick!

    Love the content Lucas, keep it coming 🤙🏼

  7. Lucas, please stop calling us "guys." This term is a stock appellation used by young men very commonly and unconsciously, but it does not speak to me, as a 76 year old man, who, would like to continue to listen to your presentations. Also, do you think that women appreciate it?

  8. A bit off topic but did you know that there is a link between your neck and ADHD.A healthy neck where the neuro signals can flow is bend 42 degrees. When the neck isn't 42 degrees the neuro signals struggle to reach their target. Just rechearch corrective chiro practors.

  9. I saw your clip that Lionsmane , L-theanine lowers libido. Will phosphatydalcerine from sunflower also lower libido ? I stoped using phosphatydalcerine from soy.

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