Saturday, July 2, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

Does This Break a Fast? Complete List of 39 Things that DO & DON'T Break a Fast

Complete List to Help you Get Through Your Fast.
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27 thoughts on “Does This Break a Fast? Complete List of 39 Things that DO & DON'T Break a Fast
  1. since i've started intermittent fasting a couple months ago, i've added Vit C to some of my drinks, I almost did it while watching this video. Always learning from your vids. Thanks so much! (also, i had wondered about toothpaste a few times)
    I know you said lemon juice is okay, so I want to assume that citric acid is okay. I use citric acid in my soda machine with water. I don't want to push, but i would love to hear more about citric acid. Thanks! (i know the info is probably out there by you, but searching for it in the title didn't really show much. I'm still watching a lot of your backlog, so I'm sure i'll eventually find it :))

  2. I was listening to you thinking I love love love that he quick and succinct and moving right along and then that person made their comment that you were talking too fast!! You can’t please everyone and I wanted you to know I really loved the pace you were going. Some people need more time I get it but then others brains are wired to follow and process more quickly. No right or wrong here.
    Thank you for amazing videos!! You are super smart and super fit! You know your stuff! 😎♥️

  3. Hi Thomas! I love your vids so thanks. 🙂 But still, I get so confused – I just finished watching a video by 2fitdocs who tested their glucose and ketones and had a 16 oz keto coffee with butter heavy cream and MCT oil and the results showed it didn’t raise glucose and raised their ketones. So now I’m confused again. I should get a ketone tester thing.

  4. Surprised unsweetened almond milk wasn't on the list, but obviously it breaks a fast (according to some of the items on your list). I saw Dr. Eric berg say a little is okay and another person say not to exceed 1/3 cup. Wish to hear your opinion especially if your goal is to lower your insulin levels.

  5. Hi there, I'm Belinda, watching from Istanbul, Turkey, where I live, and I have just embarked on a 10-water fast. I've done 3 and 7-day water fasts before but never during winter so I wanted to know if I could drink other non-calorie drinks such as black coffee and certain herbal teas (my choice being Nettle, Passion flower, green and white tea – all without sweeterners of any kind of course. It also makes the idea of 10 days easier to bear since drinking nothing but water gets really boring. Honestly, in the middle of yet another Covid-19 lock down and working alone from home, I'm not sure I'm strong enough for just water. I need the variety (and company!) coffee and herbal teas will bring. Thanks for your video. Wonderful information.

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