Monday, November 28, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

Questions with Jacqui 1 June 2020

Jacqui answers the following questions:

1. If you have too much protein, it can prevent you to lose weight…
— Protein is harder to store as fat than carbs or fat are. But if your total intake for the week is higher than your output – whatever the source – your body will store the extra
It takes very few calories to store fat or carbs, but protein uses quite a few calories to go through the steps of converting to fat for storage so it does have that going for it…

2. how important is protein water post-op?

3. Best plant-based protein?

4. If we tend to have low acid would that change the amount of prebiotic and probiotics we need to take to maintain our microbiome?

5. I’m having my Optifast shakes before my sleeve. Should I hold off adding my collagen to my shakes as trying to shrink the liver for the best outcome?


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