Tuesday, June 22, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

Why Do Some People Detoxify Better Than Others? | The Dr. Josh Axe Show Podcast Ep 75

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In this episode, co-host Dr. Motley takes us through a deep dive into detoxification. Tune in to learn why some people detoxify better than others, how your genetic code impacts your ability to detox, and how to detoxify gently and safely. Dr. Motley is a fellow chiropractor and expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutritional therapy, and functional medicine. His practice is located in Nashville, TN where he treats patients of all ages with symptoms that encompass Lyme Disease, chronic fatigue, organ imbalance and more.

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28 thoughts on “Why Do Some People Detoxify Better Than Others? | The Dr. Josh Axe Show Podcast Ep 75
  1. I tested for just one of the MTHFR genes. I currently
    Take B12 that has L-5 MTHF
    And Glutathione

    Would I want to add SAM-E ?

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