Saturday, July 2, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

Running shirtless at -3°C.

On curing sadness with cold showers, excess with Cynicism, and madness with veganism. And if you can’t go vegan, eat the rich:

Crates 20, to Metrocles:
“After you left us to go home, I went down to the young men’s wresting-school, and after having oiled myself, began to run. On catching sight of me, the young men burst out laughing, but not wanting to break of my exercises too early, I urged myself on with the words, ‘Come on, you are toiling for the good of your eyes, of your head, of your ears, of your feet’; and when the young men overheard what I was saying, they stopped laughing and followed my example, beginning to run in their turn. From that time onward, they did not merely rub themselves with oil, but actually started to take some exercise, and thus did not live lives that rendered them liable to illness as before. So they felt grateful to me, as being responsible for their improved health, and would not leave me, but followed me around wherever I went, listening to what I had to say, and imitating my words and actions. I have written this letter to you so that you too should not go running on your own, but rather in places that are frequented by young people, since we ought to devote some care to them, in view of the fact that hardiness can be taught more quickly through deeds than words, this being a feature peculiar to the philosophy of Diogenes.” —Diogenes the Cynic: Sayings and Anecdotes, with Other Popular Moralists by Robin Hard, §655.

~6378m in 23m 45s, averaging 16.11 km/h or 3m 43s per km. I usually never run with music, but since my friend could carry my phone I used the occasion to test it out; verdict: although the adrenaline boost can help, I prefer without because it interferes with your internal dialogue. Also, it’s entirely possible to conjure up an adrenaline boost through sheer willpower.

Music: 1. Call To Arms – Exodus; 2. Boots Randolph – Yakety Sax; 3. Jerry Was a Race Car Driver – Primus; 4. Twilight Tavern – Ensiferum; 5. The Ballad Of Leonard And Charles – Exodus; 6. Bedlam 1-2-3 – Exodus.


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