Saturday, July 2, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

COLD SHOWERs | BENEFITS | How To Take | Immunity & Energy Boosts | No diseases | R S YOGA SCHOOL

Learn the benefits of taking cold showers by watching this video
also learn how to take cold showers , experience this life changing method , you will see a boosts in your immunity and energy levels and will be disease free for life

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⭐RS Yoga is a Yoga School with a YouTube channel and online / offilineclasses where we focus on the overall transformation of individuals and groups via a program of tools / disciplines:

1) *Asana*
2) *Pranayam*
3) *Meditation*
4) *Detox*
5) *Diet & Nutrition*
6) *Healing & Counselling

👉🏻We truly believe that Yoga must be practiced not just for an hour or so on a daily basis on a mat, but 24X7 by way of various daily routines for a healthier lifestyle.

👉🏻At RS Yoga, we believe that Yoga is for everyone and we teach all age groups, from toddlers to senior citizens, by way of personalized or group batches.

👉🏻We have centres all across Mumbai and our reach extends across the globe as well, thanks to our online classes.

👉🏻Along with our regular Yoga batches, we also conduct classes and sessions for corporates via our Yoga at Work & the Desk Therapy endeavor.

👉🏻We have several Teachers Training Courses (TTC) and Certification Courses for students pursuing a career in Yoga, based completely on the practical experience of conducting Yoga Classes. We also offer internships and job placement assistance to our TTC students.


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