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Overall Wellness & Mental Health With Po Lang & Sage Breslin – PROJECT : CONNECT – EPISODE 007

For our first few PROJECT : CONNECT episodes of the year, we wanted to focus on wellness and how an overall wellness pertains to mental health. For Episode 007, we brought in local health coach Po Lang, and comprehensive psychologist, Sage Breslin. Both shared unique viewpoints toward how your everyday environment may be impacting your overall wellness.


The reason behind our video podcast, PROJECT : CONNECT, is that our agency lost one of our beloved title reps to suicide a few years ago, and has since then made community involvement on the issues that impact our everyday lives and community one of our corporate cornerstones.

Our motto is Good People Doing Great Work, so our community involvement seeks to express that.

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Sage Breslin – Sage is a comprehensive psychologist living in San Diego County with a plethora of credentials, and multitudes of ways she helps her patients feel better, and achieve balance in their every day lives. She is the owner and founder of the Sage Wisdom Institute. More info:

Po Lang – Po’s background is founded in nursing. She is the owner of Olive Wellness, where she takes her background in nursing, combined with holistic practices to help her patients achieve their goals.
More info:

About Lawyers Title San Diego:
At our core, we are good people doing great work. Our commitment to top-shelf customer service sets us apart, and is unparalleled in San Diego County. For more information about Title Insurance, feel free to visit our website:, or email [email protected]


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