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Cold Thermogenesis

लाकडाउन‌ में कैसे फिट रहे l Maintain your fitness during lockdown l Improve your immune system l

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How we can fitt during pandemic situation.

In this pandemic time, we all stays at home because of lockdown. Lockdowns are imposes in many countries to stop the corona virus to spread. During lockdown we spend our whole time at home  there is no gym , no walking , no running. No any type of physical activities. In home we get unfitt and fatty type our fitness lost. So what to do to be fitt even at home without doing gym. No problem here is solution you can be fitt by these tips , if you applied it at your home you will definitely be fitt….


don’t be lazy , start of your day must be perfect. Wake up early and go to your terris and walk for 15 minuts and then do pishups, squats , crunches , you can do this things without the gym.


water drinking is best thing to run your body. It will improve your hygene and digestion. Each hour you can drink half of glass of water to better function of your body.


hey guys you have to control in your eating habbit and have eat healthy. Do not eat more fatty , more oily. Carbohydrate must be depleted  because carbohydrate gives energy and we don’t need any energy to stay home. Protien must be high because it needs to be fitt.


Your family is key to happiness.It is good to have time for the family , you should spend some quality time with your family. be happy and enjoy . It will reduce your depression.


Reading book is best use of your empty time. It will boost your knowledge. You can read fitness related books , if you don’t have books then you can purchase booke online or you can get it free. 


During free time we rests for long time, it is very bad bacause it will not take time to become a habbit , so should be aware about it. It can increase your lazyness. You have to take a snap only at afternoon for 2 hours and can sleep 7 to 8 hours at night to be fitt. Do not watch TV or you tube for long time it will waste your time and fitness.


Yoga is best alternate of workout at home because it don’t need any equipment to do and you can do it in your room. It will keep you  fit and stress free, it also helps in better sleep and reduce lazyness.


Stairs of your home, you can use it to being fitt. Only 5 minutes up and down with stairs can bern your fat continuously. Leg workout will take place. more the long stairs more the leg workout.


We are not doing any hardwork at the home so we don’t need any solid food to eat more we can be more fit with the juice. Juice is best option at home it gives energy and not hard to digest it. 


Your sleeping habbit will show your fitness , do not eat late nigh it will kill you and sleep early as well as possible. Eat healthy at night do not eat more carbohydrate as we don’t any work at night, we just need protien to be fitt.

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