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Five Signs That You May be Under Eating

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Could under eating be the root cause of most of your health issues?

We have cheap food, fast food and we are living in a FAST paced society. Most of you are over working, over training and under eating. We here it all the time “I feel like I am eating so much” but, that same person has sleep and hormonal issues.

Most people find it hard to believe that they are under eating and maybe you are eating a lot, BUT, most people are not eating enough to meet their daily energy needs. We have seen countless clients who have had long term ‘mysterious’ health issues resolve by just making sure that they are meeting their metabolic energy demands.

What are some of the signs…
Your weight is not moving: With individuals who under eat, it is usually paired with over training. A caloric deficit will alter your metabolism to keep you body as close to homeostasis as possible. You will see changes in thyroid hormones, suppression of sex hormones and raising of stress hormones.

Your losing your hair: This is one of the first signs of a nutritional deficiency. It is exacerbated by decreased levels of sex hormones from under eating, which leads to hypothyroidism.

You are always cold: Low energy intake leads to less energy storage and energy conversion = low body temperature. Decreased thermogenesis is a result of decreased calorie intake. Our metabolism needs energy to produce heat and these lack of calories long term will disrupt your HPA axis and thyroid hormone conversion.

You can’t poop: Under eating leads to decreased conversion of thyroid hormone, which regulates peristalsis of the gut. When T3 drops, gut motility slows down leading to constipation.

You can’t fall asleep: This is one of the first signs we see when people under eat, they have sleep issues. When you under eat, you liver doesn’t have enough stored glycogen to keep your blood sugar stable. This causes your body to release stress hormones to create new glucose. But when stress hormones go up, you won’t sleep.

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4 thoughts on “Five Signs That You May be Under Eating
  1. I’m at 2200 and still feel underfed. Constipation is a major issue for me and I feel it’s getting worse. Can’t wait to start with you guys and figure this shit out.

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