Tuesday, December 7, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

The 3 Ms: Menopause, Men’s Hormones, & Mitochondria with Dr. Carrie Jones – Health Babes Episode 12

Dr. Becky and Dr. Krystal talk with Dr. Carrie Jones about hormones. The mitochondria isn’t just the powerhouse of the cell, it’s where hormone production starts; supporting your mitochondria helps to support your overall health. Whether you’re a man, a cycling woman, a woman in perimenopause, or a woman well into menopause, this episode is for you. Learn how to support your hormones and your mitochondria with and without supplements.

• Meet Dr. Carrie Jones (01:23)
• All about perimenopause (02:03)
• Moving from perimenopause into menopause (03:27)
• Progesterone, testosterone, estrogen, libido, and how they affect men and women (12:47)
• Stress management and how to manage stress without supplementing (16:13)
• Supporting mitochondria holistically (23:36)
• Sleep hygiene, cortisol, and blood sugar (28:32)
• Testing saliva for hormone levels (33:16)
• How the pill affects hormones and overall health (35:14)
• Supplementing with bioidentical hormones (42:30)
• More from Dr. Carrie Jones (44:13)

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