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The Vitamins and Minerals That Boost Brain Health

The Vitamins and Minerals That Boost Brain Health

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The foods we eat can have a particular impact on the structure and health of our brains. Eating a brain-boosting diet can support both short- and long-term brain function.

B vitamins like B6, B9 (folic acid), B12 all play a significant role in brain health. Omega-3s – the traditional Mediterranean diet, which includes omega 3-rich-fish, is linked to a lower risk of dementia. Vitamin E – this antioxidant fights free radicals, including those that may damage brain cells.

While certain supplements may help in some cases, most healthy people don’t need supplements or pills to stay sharp and healthy. Eating a balanced food template rich in vegetables, berries, whole grains, and fish is a way to assist brain health as you age. Maintaining to be physically active, getting ample sleep, taking care of any overall health that you have, keeping up your social relationships, and challenging your mind by being a lifetime learner can make a huge impact, too. It’s good for your mind and body!

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