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Mitochondrial Health

Sirtuins and Aging | How To Beat Cellular Aging | How To Increase Energy Levels

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In this video I share the benefits of sirtuins and how to beat cellular aging so you can turn back the clock of biological time. One of the keys to me healing from lyme disease was targeting the health of my mitochondrial so my body could make more energy so it could heal and repair itself.

Sirtuins improve mitochondrial function and I was activating sirtuins without even realizing it, helping to increase autophagy and a number of other anti-aging processes anyone can do to keep the body optimal and increase longevity.

A key for the benefits of sirtuins and aging is NAD+ and you must maintain healthy levels of NAD+ to get the benefits of sirtuins.


Sirtuins regulate metabolism and healthspan and are important regulators that control energy homeostasis.

Sirtuins activate PGC-1a and increase mitochondrial biogenesis and are important for the turnover of defective mitochondria by mitophagy.

Sirtuins regulate autophagy, which is how you take out cellular trash, keep your cells young, and also remove senescent cells.

Repair damaged DNA.

Promote glucose homeostasis to improve blood sugar issues and improve insulin sensitivity, helping to reverse type 2 diabetes.

Sirtuins improve brain function, reduce inflammation in the brain, and are being looked at as therapeutic targets for metabolic and age-dependent neurological disorders.

Sirtuins increase resilience to stress and disease.

Sirtuins help to regulate immunity, helping you stay healthier and reduce the risk of getting sick.

Sirtuins activate T3 to improve thyroid function.

Increase leptin sensitivity, improving leptin resistance. Leptin resistance is a major driver of weight gain and other chronic conditions that are prevalent today.

Here are some things you can make a part of your lifestyle so that you are activating sirtuins daily so you are doing things to keep you young and healthy.

Exercise and particularly HIIT. Resistance training is great as well.

Calorie restriction or Intermittent Fasting

Cold exposure / heat exposure

Red light therapy

Plant compounds that are sirtuin activators include resveratrol, turmeric / curcumin, quercetin, berberine, and ECGC, which is found in green tea

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