Wednesday, December 1, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

POD: How do Saturated Fats affect Mitochondria?


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0:00 – Introduction
7:40 – Results
18:33 – Conclusion/Take Aways

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#mitochondria #science #saturatedfat


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15 thoughts on “POD: How do Saturated Fats affect Mitochondria?
  1. What a great subject, thankyou so much. If you have any advice for supplements or herbs etc to help nourish mitochondrial cells/help delay the shortening of telomeres, it would be very appreciated. Now I’m going to watch 😊

  2. Do you think polyunsaturated fats are safe to consume? Is it safer to consume compared to saturated fat? Im asking because I heard that some studies show that polyunsaturated is a potential cause of cancer.

  3. Very nice as always! very interesting, but like you said , it's soon to jump in to conclusions, we can't tell(for sure) that this would happen in real life, thanks for your job.

  4. If I could go back in time and relive my life over again without forgetting everything I know now I'd do it and major in biochemistry instead of mathematics and computer science. This is very cool. So much more to learn in the complexities of how life works.

  5. I just love your vibe, genius yet humble, passionate and sincere. Please stay that way! Your channel will grow for sure

  6. The decomposition of unsaturated fat needs an extra step compared to the metabolising of saturated fat. Could it be that the measured increase is only compensating for the Enoyl-CoA-(∆) isomerase, needed to get the same job done with a more complicated type of fat.

  7. This is an off topic comment but I am in desperate need of answers form someone who is educated and knowledgeable. Nicolas I would really appreciate some insight form you about sleep. I sleep around 4 hours a night and yet I feel fully alert, awake and energetic throughout the day. Since I was 9 years old I had trouble sleeping (falling and staying asleep). The only time I can fall asleep quickly is if I go to bed after over 36 hours of being awake without sleep. My sleeping schedule is insane compared to most people and sometimes I worry that its ageing me quickly. Are there certain people who just need less sleep? While my lack of sleep does not affect my daily life activities I just dont want it to secretly wreck havoc on my health. I have tried melatonin supplements in the past but they only help me to fall asleep Not Stay asleep(past 4 hrs). If you could share some insight into why this may be the case for me that would be great! I honestly dont like sleeping because I feel like its a waste of time and I could be doing other things that are more enjoyable like reading, socializing, surfing the internet (as I am doing right now bc I am too alert to sleep), I get super frustrated when I lay in bed for hours without sleeping so now I have adopted the method of "wait until you are dead exhausted to go to bed"(which does not happen to me until around 30+ hours without sleep). Thats the only way I can get myself to fall asleep fast and get around 6-7 hours of sleep. This is the only method that has worked so far for me. Could you please explain what might be going on with me or if I should worry about this annoying problem in my life or just go about with chronic sleep deprivation? Should I continue just going extended periods of time without sleeping in order to fall asleep faster and stay asleep or could continuing this behavior have negative effects on my health. Some background info is that outside of this sleep issue I dont have any other health issues.

  8. It's so confusing sometimes because you have paul saladino showing studies that sterate c18 fat helps the mitochondria etc then your showing a study that could be the opposite

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