Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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The Most UNDERRATED and OVERLOOKED B Vitamin Deficiency is Thiamine

In this video I explain the reasons why I believe that thiamine (vitamin B1) is the most underrated and overlooked B vitamin deficiency in the Western world.

Excess consumption of refined carbohydrates, along with several other factors sets the stage for chronic thiamine insufficiency. This condition is so difficult to spot because it is known to manifest in a variety of different ways for each individual, and so it is often mistaken for other health conditions and not treated.

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23 thoughts on “The Most UNDERRATED and OVERLOOKED B Vitamin Deficiency is Thiamine
  1. Using it right now for my sciatica you must take at least 600 mg of this daily to keep neutral as it repairs your muscles and tendons balances blood sugar like nothing you've ever seen and will keep you from degenerated retinitis amazing fat soluble B1 blessings

  2. Thank you for this important information!! I had an experience with high dose thiamine that was super positive! A very long time ago I had developed severe anaxiety. It was a time that I was under a great amount of stress going to school full time and working full time. I started taking B Complex 100 which gave me some relief. I then tried a supplement with thiamine 1,000 mg. This dosage of thiamine relieved all my symptoms. I was really surprised. The supplement was designed for detoxification but that high dosage of thiamine gave me 99% relief from anxiety. I had to give up caffeine and start getting more sleep. By taking care of my health all my anxiety went away and I was then back to my multi vitamin plus a B 100 supplement. Taking a B complex has always helped me.

  3. It is rare. I’m a recovering alcoholic and have had to have this (thiamin) intravenously in the past, you can’t just take supplements to help reverse deficiency.

  4. Simply take a good quality multivitamin pill from a reputable brand with 100% (and not more!) of the RDA of B vitamins and you are good to go.

  5. I was feeling exhausted, feeling cold (with bone pain) in the most extreme heatwaves, and dealing with a lot of these nonspecific symptoms. I ran across thiamine information and decided to try 250 mg benfotiamine daily. Within days the pains started going away and I did start feeling better. My bloodwork now is decently within range, though I feel that this is one supplement I will continue for a very long time.

  6. Dr Sahib, I followed your advice…. I have been mega dosing on B1 … But also take Cod liver oil, methyl & adenosylcobalamin, 5MTHF and B6 alongside. I can see some benefits, although it is very very slow and at this point I can't miss a day as the repair is not sufficient yet for me to not be dependent. I have been using 1500mg – 2000mg of B1 daily…. I find it is a dosage my body adheres to… and it has been a couple of months me using it now, but I am still dependent on antidepressants to relieve fibromyalgia pain and sleep issues of nightmares and stuff. I am going to InshaAllah be adding D3 and K2 MK7 , Quercetin dihydrate, vitamin E t8, collagen, vitC natural, benfotiamine, l-lysine and mega dosing of l-theanine, with green tea extract to the mix. B1 I feel relies on support from other stuff to be able to give relief. I can see the effectiveness but feel that the pace it is coming at, it may take years for me to fully heal. Someone with less severe symptoms may possibly heal faster. Plus different bodies adhere differently.
    Thank You for the advice. It has been helpful and you are changing lives. God Bless.

  7. 🎩 Is your higher grade B1 affected by coffee tea tannins? Is it better from low grade forms with this tannin problem ? 🎩 Does it get in at 50% or higher with tannins present like in coffee?

  8. Thank you Elliott! What lab test is used to determine this deficiency, or is it based on symptoms, because I have them ALL. I've been tweaking my electrolytes, but thiamine def seems to be a culprit, as I'm also anemic with low WBC, neutrophils and RBC. Do I need to watch ALL of your videos to learn what to start supplementing with, or can you point me to one video that might clarify? Thanks again.
    64 in Portland, Oregon

  9. I've been taking magnesium for years, but always got stomach pains. I think the citrate form really bothers me and the others just don't do much. 1.5 years ago I switch to ReMag, a pico-ionic MgCl form with works wonders. It is stated to be 99% absorbed at the cellular level without gut distress. I take 600-900mg a day along with other minerals. But ReMag is the best magnesium I've ever used!

  10. Great information! Personally, I fixed my intestines with 100mg daily of allithiamine (ttfd). I fixed decades of sluggish, sometimes completely stagnant digestion with this stuff. No GP I went to ever knew about it, I found out from videos like this one. If your guts don't work properly it may be well worth trying!

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