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Liver Damage Protocol vs bodybuilding |TUDCA milk thistle glutathione Liv52 pedialyte NAC | Peptide

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TUDCA Stimulates Bile Flow: TUDCA has a powerful ability to improve bile flow. …
TUDCA Protects the Mitochondria in Your Liver. …
TUDCA Reduces Liver Enzymes: …
TUDCA Helps Heal The Liver Bile Duct. …
TUDCA Helps Protect You From Viruses.

Tauroursodeoxycholic acid, more commonly referred to as TUDCA, is a bile acid that is found in trace amounts in the human body. Bile acids are compounds released from the gallbladder that help digest fats
Research by Coach Elias
Tauroursodeoxycholic acid, or TUDCA is a bile acid derivative that’s naturally occurring in the body. It’s been used therapeutically in traditional Chinese medicine for millennia, for hepatic and biliary disordes. We only make small amounts of this health-giving compound in our body, but as you can see from my list above, this bile salt actually influences a ton of bodily functions. Traditional Chinese medical practitioners have known about the benefits of TUDCA for ages, prescribing it to help detoxify the liver, treat “heat illness” such as fever, spasms, and vision problems, and improve many other conditions. It’s only just recently been under the spotlight, becoming the subject of recent clinical studies as scientists like my self examine its many potential and profound health benefits. So this is something i love in bodybuilding means your safe and it works you see in the video why Like many mechanisms in your body, TUDCA is made through a microbial process.

Firstly, bile salts are released into your intestines through your liver bile duct. Microbes in your large intestine then metabolize the bile salts into ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA). Next, it gets conjugated to a taurine molecule in order to create TUDCA. This whole process happens naturally in your body and is supported when we have a healthy amount of bile salts.

A healthy person produces very small amounts of TUDCA, re-circulating some 95% of their bile salts. However, poor diet, decreased liver function, and certain medications can impair this process

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What’s the Difference between UDCA and TUDCA?
Primary bile acids are made in the liver, using cholesterol as the base. As bile acids circulate (via enterohepatic circulation), UDCA is returned to the liver and conjugated with taurine to form TUDCA. Besides mitigating ER stress, this process also prevents cell death (aka apoptosis).

TUDCA stands for tauroursodeoxycholic acid while UDCA stands for ursodeoxycholic acid. They are both bile salts, but UDCA is a more common form. When intestinal microbiota (the gut flora) produce the “secondary bile acids,” they make UDCA first. When UDCA metabolizes in the lower intestine, it binds to taurine to become TUDCA. See and this is only the start when i cross link this in a matrix with other compounds omg the results are incredible

The Benefits of TUDCA Supplements
Brain Health
Nootropics have skyrocketed in popularity recently. If you’re looking at optimizing your cognitive functioning, improving your memory, and supporting your defenses against neurological disease, TUDCA may be the perfect fit.  TUDCA crosses the brain-blood barrier and this biological substrate has become a promising subject in the scientific community for its protective effects in the brain. TUDCA is classified in a group of molecules known as chemical chaperones. These are usually described as low-molecular-weight compounds that restore the correct destination of incorrectly localized or aggregated proteins by stabilizing their structure and facilitating their folding.
Research studies show that TUDCA improves apolipoprotein E4 (APOE4)  macrophage survival and function.* It also acts as a mitochondrial stabilizer and anti apoptotic agent in several models of neurological disease.* TUDCA is neuroprotective support and studies have revealed that it not only helped to remove plaque, but also helped prevent the production of that plaque.*
Supports Insulin Sensitivity
Stress to the cell’s Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) may cause many conditions that seem unrelated, as in Diabetes. In lab animals given chemically-induced high blood sugar, for example, one study found TUDCA may have reduced blood sugar by 43%.
It’s well known that bile acids are critically important for the digestive process, but they also act as signaling molecules in many tissues. One of these many tissues is the pancreas, which expresses specific receptors that regulate several cell functions.
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