Tuesday, December 7, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

9 Beginner Keto Tips Everyone Should Know

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25 thoughts on “9 Beginner Keto Tips Everyone Should Know
  1. Great advice, especially about letting cheat meals being "random" events. I don't even miss my old favorites like pizza, ice cream and fried chicken anymore. As for chocolate – many sugar free lo carb versions now available. Thank you God!

  2. One of your previous videos, you said early in the ketogenic diet to have your fats much higher for the first two weeks 2:1 fat to protein. I think you compared it to priming the pump. I’m a big fan of your content and really appreciate your approach and data. I was just wondering about the shift. I’ve been helping some friends jump start a ketogenic lifestyle and I am trying to learn what’s best – especially for beginners.

  3. Why are you in so many random locations? A bathtub fully clothed? Poking out the sunroof of a parked car? I love your videos but this one really threw me off lol

  4. Hi!!! I need help. I’ve been on the keto diet for almost 2 weeks. I bought a Keto mojo meter to track my Ketones. I use carb manager to track my macros. I cannot seem to climb higher than 1 ketone 😢 I have not had any carbs or sugar. I’ve stuck to MCT oil, avocados, avocado oil, organic cage free eggs, wild caught salmon but that’s it 😢 only 1 ketone. I’m 5’6 160lbs (after the weight loss) and I’m 28…any tips?!

  5. Was this some kind of contest to spot the strangest shot? Here's Thomas in a Tub, in a car by a pool table, at a table and bites lemon, pulls dry pillows out of washing machine. 😂

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