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Mitochondrial Health

Is CoQ10 Critical For Good Health?

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0:00 Is CoQ10 Critical For Good Health
Of all the supplements in the market, there are a few that are critical to your health. Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10 in one of them. This key nutrient has long been associated with heart health.

0:18 CoQ10 Benefits
New research shows how CoQ10 helps with the following:

Improves Metabolic Syndrome
Enhances Exercise Performance
Protects Your Heart Muscle
Increases Blood Flow
Increases Cellular Energy
Helps Reduce Inflammation
Protects Your Liver

0:43 Dan Hammer Health
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0:53 CoQ10 is
A coenzyme that helps facilitate the creation of energy for all cells.

Within every cell are mitochondria. Mitochondria are the batteries or power generators. They convert the stored energy of the nutrients you consume into an energy form that your cells can use to perform their function.

CoQ10 is a critical component in this process.

1:31 Statin Drugs and CoQ10
The pharmaceutical industry has observed this through the use of statin drugs. While statins do a great job in helping to lower your cholesterol, they interfere with your liver’s ability to create CoQ10 for your body. This has lead to an increase in congestive heart failure.

Fortunately physicians are finally acknowledging this need for CoQ10. It’s reported that approximately 70% of cardiologists will prescribe CoQ10 for their heart disease patients.

2:08 CoQ10 is a Powerful Antioxidant
CoQ10 is also a powerful antioxidant to help protect your cells and cell membranes from harmful free radicals. This protects your cells from oxidative stress that causes inflammation. Inflammation contributes to cellular dysfunction and most diseases.

2:29 CoQ10 Benefits Brain Health
This would make sense since your brain requires a lot of energy to keep it healthy and functioning properly.

In recent studies on rats, who were exposed to head injury, CoQ10 helped protect the mitochondria from damage. This reduced cell death as well as oxidative stress and inflammation, which are also part of head trama.

And animal models are also showing how CoQ10 helps to protect against disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Specifically, CoQ10 protects mitochondrial function and limits brain inflammation, which all contribute to declining cognitive function.

3:18 CoQ10 Benefits Metabolic Function
Metabolic dysfunction is a contributing factor to the epidemic increase of both obesity and diabetes. CoQ10 supplementation has now been linked to the prevention of both obesity and diabetes.

Specifically CoQ10 helps to improve sugar and fat metabolism, which makes sense when you understand how critical CoQ10 is in energy production through your mitochondria.

CoQ10 Benefits Kidney Function
In a promising study, where CoQ10 was a part of the treatment program, there was a 7 to 21 percent improvement in kidney function.

CoQ10 Benefits Bone Health
Several studies have shown how CoQ10 helps to prevent age-related decline in bone density, while boosting new bone formation. CoQ10 also helps to stimulate the growth of cells that form new bone.

4:42 Costco Brand CoQ10 Supplement
Personally, I use the CoQ10 supplement from Costco. It is the Kirkland Signature brand and each soft gel contains 300 mg of CoQ10.

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