Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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Light Em Up – The Performance Benefits of Red Light Therapy | Wes Pfiffner

Nowadays, in the field of health, there are lots of modern technology that take advantage of ancient or old wisdom in therapies and one of them is the use of light.

But modern lifestyle has kept most people indoors 90% of the time or higher. And so we miss to getting these benefits from the red light coming from the sun. Especially at this time of Covid and lockdowns!

So we have here, Wes Pfiffner, who will tell us what we have been missing and how impactful red light therapy can be for our bodies. He is in the leadership team of Joovv—a company specializing in red light LED therapy devices that anyone can use.

You can check them out at joovv.com and get exclusive freebies as a Thrive State patron when you use joovv.com/thrivestate.

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