Tuesday, October 19, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

Does sugar cause insulin resistance and make you fat? Ray Peat Criticisms Part 2 with Georgi Dinkov

Georgi Dinkov responds to some of the criticisms of the Ray Peat, prometabolic, bioenergetic nutrition strategy – Part 2.

We discuss:

– Sugar and insulin resistance
– How to fix insulin resistance
– Does sugar make you fat?
– Do sugars feed bad bacteria?
– What about fasting?

Link to Part 1: https://youtu.be/M_IOfM5emro

#RayPeat #sugar #cholesterol
0:00 – Intro
0:54 – CRITICISM: Sugar is empty calories
9:00 – which fats increase mitochondria genesis
11:00 – CRITICISM: sugar makes me gain weight
15:29 – too much protein without enough carbs and fat?
18:39 – fat vs sugar oxidation
20:24 – is gaining weight unhealthy? Is losing weight healthy?
36:09 – other ways to reduce cortisol than just sugar
37:39 – CRITICISM: sugar and insulin resistance. What to do to fix insulin resistance?
52:59 – whats a healthy level of exercise?
56:21 – CRITICISM: there are benefits of fasting
57:09 – how to get the benefits of fasting without the stress
1:04:39 – what about atophagy?
1:12:09 – how to balance out inflammatory amino acids in meat
1:16:39 – are you really thriving if you are fasting?
1:17:09 – fasting encourages storage of visceral (bad) fat and loss of muscle mass
1:28:09 – CRITICISM: sugar feeds bad bacteria
1:33:34 – how to get rid of SIBO
1:39:09 – interesting info about potatoes
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29 thoughts on “Does sugar cause insulin resistance and make you fat? Ray Peat Criticisms Part 2 with Georgi Dinkov
  1. If you're fat and have high cortisol, "a little bit of cortisol" won't do the body any good, because it's already over done. Fix the diet, environment and lifestyle, even minimal "exercise" will cause issues.

  2. IDK. When I see centurions they’re not fat. Him talking about sugar reminds me of an old 100 something skinny feisty lady saying she drank Dr Pepper all the time. And an old black skinny veteran who lived to 112 who ate ice cream a lot.

  3. I have read in several places that Gelatin is less bioavailable than collagen, by almost half. Also read that Powdered collagen is the most bioavailable form, vs from meat, but I want to learn why.

  4. 25:00 ~ "Sumo wrestlers tend to consume a lot of saturated fats" ~ I would love to see studies behind this statistical claim. Once again, no personal nor "individual" bickering intended I am simply curious.

  5. So what was the point with the rat study?!
    Quote :


    Forty-five Wistar rats were used. The rats were divided into three groups (n = 15) and allowed to consume water (C), light Coca Cola ® (L) or regular Coca Cola® (R) as the sole source of liquids for eight weeks.


    The R group presented significantly higher daily liquid intake and significantly lower food intake than the C and L groups. Moreover, relative to the C and L groups, the R group showed higher triglyceride concentrations in the serum and liver. However, the L group animals presented lower values of serum triglycerides and cholesterol than controls.


    Based on the results, it can be concluded that daily ingestion of a large amount of fructose- rich soft drink resulted in unfavorable alterations to the lipid profile of the rats.

  6. I disagree with the rat study for human equivalentcy there are too many studies showing sugar causes inflammation and feeds cancer … in these rat studies all the rats are eating is just pure sugar and nothing else which is technically fasting as the sugar is the only source of energy and I think Dr. Jason Fung might disagree. I strongly agree just because you are thin doesn’t mean you are healthy but if your fat it doesn’t mean your healthy either. Excess Sugar also feeds cancer so don’t eat a pound a day. The Ray Peat Diet though is intriguing…and I will take a look at this…and you need to give the body a break via intermittent fasting, and there’s a difference between intermittent fasting and “starving” yourself which they did in the monkey study which IS NOT intermittent fasting. I agree autophagy is a stressor because the body is killing off the dead and damaged cells…like a plant…if you pick off the dead leaves and trim the plant the plant will grow healthier…to put it simply. There is also testimony of people who’ve received a bad cancer report and fasted their cancer away. I gave this video a thumbs up because it’s intriguing and worth further investigating…I am my own guinea pig,

  7. Thanks for hosting these videos. I come from more of a low carb background, but I find these alternative viewpoints very interesting and thought-provoking. Looking forward to the next istallment 🙂

  8. So he said if you chronically reduce carbs then you increase cortisol and you gain weight? Yet thousands of people are using the keto diet to lose tons of weight. So I guess the cortisol effect has a much less effect than excess carbs.

  9. Thank you for this very informative video! Great work! ❤️ In Part 3, could you please touch upon a statement that sugar blocks the absorbsion of vitamins and minerals? And also a bit about omega 3-6-9 in relation to body's inflammatory processes? And also about why they've been telling us fiber is good for us? Thank you. 🤗

    I discovered your channel thanks to Carnivore Aurelius, and I'm so happy for that! Can't wait for next videos!

  10. Bill Gates promotes Burgermaster, his favorite burger in Seattle. The founder of Burgermaster has some connection with Microsoft. Burgermaster uses grass fed beef. So his promo of veg burgers is somewhat hypocritical.

  11. So is it possible to “overdo” high quality animal fats? I usually eat 3-4 eggs, 1qt raw milk, and a pound of meat per day. I like to include fruit and some potato on top of that as well. I’m a 19 year old male with a very high metabolism (at least I think) and I’m currently trying to gain muscle and some fat.

  12. Nice! Back have come the Strong Sistas and this ole guy is happy! I will listen to #1 after this so let it be so. Happy you girls are giving some investigations again. And I give sugars zero credit for anything no mater what investigation is quoted. I stated to wonder if this guy was a real researcher or a pharm/Food shill! But then I will listen to entire talk and then draw conclusions ! Never trust a frigging Rat study and never trust a Communist financed research study. 🤨🧐🤨🤨🤨 Okay last update, this conversation just got a thumbs down. This chubby round boy is going to be a big issue to many people. Can’t believe his line of reasoning with the sugars. The body runs on glucose not sugars! Hope you done have this rambling rambler back and bring on some much smarter investigators.

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