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Mitochondrial Health

Effective rejuvenation through 3M 1P | Peer Zebergs | NaturalMEDICINE | 🇨🇭QS24

The question of eternal youth has been asked for hundreds of years and Tesla had found an important answer early on. Today we have gained a lot of knowledge about Tesla’s answer – but also about the aging process – e.g. through telomerase. If you summarize the known findings today, effective anti-aging is available that even increases life expectancy. The Hunza people have shown this – and science today uses this knowledge with outstanding success. The health expert and analyst Peer Zebergs is happy to explain the holistic concept of effective rejuvenation through 3M 1P to the moderator Alexander Glogg of QS24, the Swiss Health Television. The 3 M stand for mindset, microbiome and mitochondria. The P stands for pineal gland. For full details on how to rejuvenate yourself watch this episode of NaturalMEDICINE.

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10:15 Meaning of 3M 1P
18:02 How to decalcify the pineal gland?

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Guest: Peer Zebergs, Health Analyst
Moderation: Alexander Glogg
Video ID: 57/NInf_200218-S4_celltuner
TV Format: #NaturalMEDICINE
Aired: 23 Mar 2020

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