Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

Conversations with Marty Ross MD: 6/10/2021

Here is a recording of my Lyme Q&A Webinar, Conversations with Marty Ross MD, from 5/6/21. In this webinar I answer questions you have about Lyme Disease treatment. Sign up for the next webinar of Conversations with Marty Ross MD at Treat Lyme: https://www.treatlyme.net/lyme-webinar-marty-ross-md .

We discussed:
my thoughts on waiting to get the Covid-19 vaccine,
zinc supplements and antibiotics,
risk of quinolones,
cumulative benefits of long-term antibiotics,
causes of low WBC in Bartonella and Lyme,
how infections give inflammation and allergy symptoms,
best antibiotics for Bartonella,
timing of starting Bartonella antibiotics,
side effects of Covid-19 vaccine are the same in Lyme and non-Lyme people,
anti-cytokine supplements and Covid-19 vaccine,
how to prevent intestinal yeast overgrowth,
how to decide if intestinal yeast treatment is done,
arabinose test for yeast,
SIBO, yeast, and parasites all can give intestinal gasiness and bloating,
testing for SIBO,
Vision Therapy for visual disturbances,
mitochondria and nerve repair,
ATP 360 vs NT Factor vs ATP Fuel,
when to use acetyl-L carnitine to fix mitochondria,
Disulfiram side effects,
odds Disulfiram helps Lyme,
Disulfiram and Herxheimer reactions,
causes of achilles tendonitis,
how mold causes health problems,
mold toxicity vs mold allergies vs mold colonization,
licorice for side effects of Cinnamon, Clove, and Oregano oil,
Cryptolepis and Artemesinin for Babesia,
strength of herbal anti-microbial brands,
causes of fatigue on Lyme treatment,
Ashwagandha for adrenal and thyroid support,
timing of binders,
how long to use Oregano oil,
symptoms of Babesia,
not all sweats are causes by Babesia,
ways to lower cytokines,
my thoughts on Lyme Stop,
symptoms and signs of Bartonella, and
much more.



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