Sunday, December 5, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

EP 130 – Mitochondrial Optimization, Circadian Rhythm, Light & Melatonin with Ari Whitten

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If you find yourself easily worn out and tired, it’s about time you start digging deep into the cause. There may be underlying factors that could be signs of more serious conditions you need to address. Dr. Jockers is joined by Ari Whitten in today’s episode to talk about the controversial adrenal fatigue and to prove if it exists or not. He shares valuable information about the major function of the mitochondria in boosting and depleting your body’s energy levels. He also talks about the practices, lifestyles, and habits that need to be in place to fix inflammations in the body, clean out the junk that is causing low energy, and promote rebuilding and regenerating.

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