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Mitochondrial Health

Cancer and Ketones

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Is keto good or bad for cancer? Here’s my viewpoint on cancer and ketones.

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0:00 Cancer and ketones
0:18 Is keto good for cancer?
1:05 Ketones explained
2:30 What is the best diet if you have cancer?

Let’s talk about cancer and ketones. There has been a debate on whether the ketogenic diet is good or bad for people with cancer, and also whether or not the keto diet is the best diet once you get cancer. Here is my viewpoint based on the data I have.

I believe that a healthy ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting and periodic prolonged fasting is the best diet to help prevent cancer. I say this because I believe the cause of cancer is mitochondrial damage, and there is nothing that destroys the mitochondria more than metabolic syndrome, high insulin, and a diet high in sugar.

You have two different types of ketones:
1. Ketones that are produced by a low-carb diet
2. Ketones that are produced when you’re fasting

There is some evidence that shows that cancer cells can consume ketones. But, when you get your ketones from fasting, you also get a massive anticancer effect with the help of the immune system and the help of certain genetic things. The ketones that occur when fasting will not feed cancer like the ketones that occur when you’re just doing a low-carb diet.

When you’re fasting, your normal cells may also be a bit more protected from chemo and radiation, but cancer cells don’t get that protection. The ketones that occur from fasting may also enhance the effects of radiation.

But what if you already have cancer? The answer to this is evolving as more data emerges. We’re actually doing some very interesting research that involves strategic clinical trials done by high-level scientists. We’re trying to find a protocol that doesn’t involve massive amounts of fasting. But, right now, we know fasting is the most powerful weapon against cancer.

The eating plan for cancer is a low-carb, low-protein, low-fat diet that’s high in nutrient-dense vegetables. The problem is, what happens if you’re very thin? We’re not trying to go low-calorie, but this is a low-calorie diet because we’re trying to starve the cancer of various fuels. Then, you add fasting where you’re not eating at all. So, there are a few problems we still need to solve.

The cool thing about the phytonutrients from plants is that they are selective. This means that a lot of the phytonutrients from plants are anticancer and only affect cancer cells negatively and not your other cells.

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, age 56, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps you better understand the relationship between cancer and ketones.


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33 thoughts on “Cancer and Ketones
  1. During fasting, your body recycles its own cells to find a source of protein. The process is brilliantly orchestrated by the immune system so that damaged and altered cells are the first to be recycled. If you are fasting on a regular basis, you will recycle all of the cells that might have otherwise progressed to becoming cancerous tumors. You are interrupting the progression from damaged cell to altered cell to cancer cell. Pretty amazing, isn't it?
    The first person to realize this was drummed out of medicine 100 years ago. The medical establishment has actively fought against any suggestion that diet and fasting could be a viable treatment or preventative therapy for cancer and other diseases. The American Heart Association promoted seed oils as a healthy alternative to saturated fats! (Idiots!!!)
    People are waking up. After I read the China Study, I happened to read a recent book on fasting. I made the connection and altered my diet immediately.
    Save yourselves.

  2. i have had several forms of skin cancer for decades. several major surgeries. odd but since i have been fasting and losing weight (almost a year) no additional issues. i started with a keto like diet but mostly do reduced calorie and fasting. love your white board stuff. i pause when you show your white board and read and re read what you have on it. visual learner///

  3. I got lung cancer about 11 years ago. Someone gave me the book “Death by Diet” by Dr. Robert Barefoot. PhD in Chemistry. He said by keeping the body in an alkaline 7.3-7.5 it would deprive the oxygen needed to feed the cancer cells. He suggested 3500 mgs of calcium. At the time I had another CT scan and the cancer was gone. I went low carb and stopped eating too much sugar. I haven’t had a problem since.

  4. Microgreens have all the properties to aid in fighting cancer. They are some of the most nutrient-dense plants known to man and virtually all cruciferous vegetables and brassicas are even better when consumed in the cotyledon stage before the first true leaf, which is what microgreens are – the cotyledons. The nutrient-density at that stage is 40-120 times higher than that of fully mature vegetables. When USDA did their first scientific analytical foray into this field (some of that was done at UNC Chapel Hill), the leading scientists did not believe their first readings post spectral analysis. However, after many repeated trials, the fact of vital nutrient-density was clearly established by several ground-breaking studies. Red Russian Kale, Calabrese Broccoli, Red Cabbage, Kopenhagen Cabbage, Purple Kohlrabi, Triton Purple Radish, Turnip, Leeks, Sorrel, Swiss Chard, Pak Choi, Black Oily Sunflower and Emasticated (juiced) Wheatgrass are all plants that lead to apostosis. 2 -4 oz per day…and in various mixes from sweet, to lemony to sharp will help you in the fight to purge the body from toxicity and most cancerous cells. My microgreen company has done years of research in this field and while publicly we were laughed at, the amount of top level medical doctors and institutions purchasing these little "life savers" in bulk spoke volumes. The FDA will NEVER admit to this as the allopathic cancer research and cancer cure delivery platform is far too profitable.
    Organic Microgreens in their raw form are allelopathic…they carry more phyto-nutrients than most other form of nutrition. Only other forms of equally helpful forms of nutrients come from seeweeds/chlorinella/ spirulina as well as some edible mushroom species that have amazing medicinal properties.
    Check out that "hidden" science – especially in the current atmosphere of food moving toward non-bioactive artificial meats and proteins that have high levels of linoleic acid that our metabolisms cannot pricess and lead to further metabolic disease down the line.

  5. How about a low Methionine diet? Because cancer is utterly dependant on Methionine. Hint: Methionine is found in high levels in meat. Why do you think fasting is good for cancer? Because you are not consuming Methionine. How about a vegan/fasting diet? Ever consider that?

  6. I'm complicated to. I'm prone to blood clotting, so I have to consume lots of ginger & I take a baby aspirin, but then I have osteoporosis/ and degenerative disk disease in my L5-s1 disk. I have been fasting and noticing when I wake up I'm not as tired.

  7. Maybe if hospitals started at the nutrition level recovery would be much easier. Yet Drs and specialists never talk about that. Let alone serve healthy meals while in hospital! Carbs, sugar and chemical laden processed foods are so horrible for our body. I think society needs to take a step back and start being proactive with health rather than just throw meds at every symptom after the fact. I'm all for medication in conjunction with nutrition. Maybe if healthier food was more accessible and affordable we could save a ton of $$ on Healthcare. I have more than one autoimmune chronic illness and prob have had them since I was a very young child. When I was 17 I took back my body by diet and walking…low carb (way before low carb was a thing), way more veggies and nothing processed, water and milk to drink only. In 6 mnths my life completely changed what I now know as "remission" from inflammation and pain was achieved without medication (I was misdiagnosed/undiagnosed for years). Slowly over the years the bad habits came back as my partner had horrible nutrition habits and it was too difficult to cook 2 meals. I started back into strict nutrition in 2019 and was doing fabulous. I had cut back my meds (with drs approval) then the pandemic hit and everything was such a mess. I am happy to say I am back on my nutrition journey. Everything is so much better. I don't crave any of that stuff anymore. My inflammation levels are low, sinuses and headaches better. I just find it really funny that not 1 of my specialists even asked about what I was eating. I think our Healthcare is a bit backwards and based on profits. Even in Canada. Thank you once again for all the fantastic info.

  8. I am now cancer-free! Three years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer which metastasized into my lungs, my spine and then lymph nodes of my neck. I chose NOT to do chemotherapy and radiation. Instead, I flooded my body with intense nutrition, essential oils, supplements, mistletoe subcutaneous injections, daily coffee enemas and also immunotherapy (17 rounds of herceptin and projeta which are less harsh on your body and less side effects). I am so very grateful for all of Dr. Berg's YouTube videos. They have been very helpful in my journey. I will continue to intermittent fast 20:4 as well as a healthy keto that Dr. Berg recommends. My cancer cure is now my cancer prevention.

  9. getting my blood tested in the next week after 6 months of intermittent fasting. I fast from 8.00pm to midday every day. I am very fit for my age so I didn't really need to loose any weight. But I had Prostate cancer diagnosed last year which disappeared (Thank The Lord) I am now very curious to see my Cholesterol levels, and will also test for insulin levels. I have had the best mental clarity in years, and have just about eradicated my sleepy time between 2 and 3.30 pm (was a real pain when Clients). Also I take 25 mm of Apple Cider vinegar everyday and I no longer have to take Somac (which I have been on for over 20 years).. So some really good progress.

  10. Ketosis is good if you are obese and you are fasting and burning your own body fats. Thru fasting you are inducing also autophagy. Autophagy is process which is normal (mostly at night when you are sleeping), but with constant eating (high insulin) you are not giving time your body for regeneration because you cannot induce that state. But prolonged ketogenic diet is very bad for you. I am watching that "doctor" thru years and compared to other dietetitians he is looking right now very badly. Ketogenic diet is main culpirit I think.

  11. Im confused. My 40 year old twin brother has grade 2 oligodendroglioma brain tumor. 3 months ago we completely changed our diet and intermittent fast. We did this to help him beat this camcer. I would hate to think that we have been feeding this cancer with ketones since we cut out pretty much all carbs. I trust this doctor i hope he can answer this if he can. Thank you.

  12. Thanks for finally recognizing cancer can use ketones as fuel. And there’s already decades of research and thousands of case studies showing the most protective anti-cancer diet is low fat, high “healthy” carb, ie; vegetables, berries, seeds, mushrooms, onions and legumes, and moderate plant protein, is the best diet for helping prevent and reverse cancer. Keto is great to cycle on for cancer for a few weeks at a tome, but long term causes major problems for cancer patients. I’d be happy to share the research with you if you’re interested. And yes, fasting is incredible for cancer, and yet there are downsides to fasting people need to be aware of.

  13. I have been a big sugar eater most my life if I have damaged my mitochondria will fasting fix it? I think from your videos the answer is yes but not 100% sure.

  14. I'm confused because there are some cancers that cause you to lose weight which means that they are feeding off of the fat in your body, so if some cancers need fat to nourish themselves wouldn't ketogenic just make the cancer worse?

  15. Quick question how do you heal your body from the effects of radiation treatments once the cancer is gone?
    Literally asking for a friend who is almost 2 years post treatment.

  16. I didn't believe when Dr okouromi on YouTube said he can help me beat fibromyalgia with his natural herbal medicine, after taking the herbs I feel much better now no more pains I'm so happy! You can also reach out to him for permanent cure………..

  17. I’m so happy I found you! I’m in remission 1 year, thanks to your content I have changing my life around.I just had a Petscan after fasting the last 4 months. My oncologist made it perfectly clear that my cancer had no cure, here I am cancer free, my Petscan should no evidence of disease.
    I’m so grateful for all u do.

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