Tuesday, October 19, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

Are Excess Carbs Aging us Faster?

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38 thoughts on “Are Excess Carbs Aging us Faster?
  1. I appreciate your occasional posts about carbs. I ate half pint of ice cream and 12 small cookies at 1am last night🥵

  2. BUT??? Please???
    How Much Glucose Results in the Imbalance? Plus???
    Carbs IS A Broad term. So IS Glucose! So Should there be A Distinction or Category???
    I mean… Are we talking Veggies? Or High Processed Starches & Grains that are Mixing with Heavy Salts and Fats that have Little to NO Food Value???
    I Know!! I saw Last Segment on Veggies! And Completely AGREE!!! But with Soo Much GOOD Science,,, A Little more Refined (Pun Intended) Definitions,,, seem applicable??!

  3. The "RAY PEAT" diet? can you look into it please…just came across it today and it's a very different approach to keto, carnivore and just about everything else….very interesting just wanna hear your thoughts? Many thanks!

  4. Eat plenty of foods high in antioxidants to counter the effects of AGEs formed by consumption of sugars and starches. Its all oxidative stress that happens when any food gets broken down especially protien, yes and even FAT

  5. Can you control you're body in this way? Thanks to you and doctor Berg I have lost 20 kg. My question is can you control you're body on this way? Mentally vs movement? fight and flight? the damage of the this action?

  6. You HAVE to see the Joe Rogan interview with David Sinclair from yesterday…2 days ago…you guys are on the same page and an interesting discussion of telomeres.

  7. if you are insulin resistant then fasting insulin is high. So in that case you must go into keto to fix the insulin resistance. people who are insulin sensitive will have more options.

  8. ❤️: noticed that refined carbs give u gut pathogens; that fiber-ridden carbs make these pathogens holodome [sic] 🤣🤣unattainable; and that carbs in general levy troops on your body very much like Napoleon did in 1812 for Russia: summing up, carb is the second disgrace to humanity, second only to dumbness, ignorance, stupidity, gullibility, etc…

  9. @Thomas DeLauer have there been any studies conducted on the effects of a ketogenic diet on eye health? I have been following the ketogenic diet off and on for 3 years and lost around 90lbs. I was having trouble with my vision lately being able to see up close. When I went to the optometrist I was told that my eyes had improved and that my current prescription was too strong. I was curious if the diet had caused this? Perhaps I was borderline diabetic? I am aware that diabetes can affect a person's eyesight so thought there may be a link here you are familiar with. Thank you for your time and content.

  10. Now that all videos are sponsored and you wasting our time watching the ads just please write the information in the discerption box not all of us want to watch the whole thing!!

  11. I don’t believe that keto is great for longevity. If you look at the blue zones none of them are in ketosis. And I really don’t know anyone in ketosis his whole life and been centenarian

  12. I'm all for higher fat, moderate protein due to the research and your channel. But have you seen the recent metaanalysis on ketones impairing mitochondrial function? Physionics did a deep dive into the research on the matter. Hope you comment on this.

  13. Would be really cool if you could do #shorts of your videos. Straight to the point, and if we the viewers want to watch WHY, then we can watch the full video. So many videos to watch, so little time. That said, keep up the great content.

  14. I am getting the idea I should never be high-carb any more…I am getting to old for it! But I am thinking keto/low carb—maybe 0-50 g, or 50-150g carbs max. Mediterraneanesque…

  15. I went from low carb to a highcarb lowfat diet, with like 2-3x higher fat from salmon/nuts, bit less animal products and god I feel better than ever

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