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Parasite Eve HD with Charmed – Day 1: Resonance

Parasite Eve is an American biological horror themed turn-based action RPG video game developed and published by Squaresoft (currently Square Enix) for the Sony PlayStation in 1998. It is the first game in the Parasite Eve series.

The game is labelled as a PSOne Classic and was re-released on the North American PlayStation Store on March 15, 2011. It is not available on the European PlayStation Store, possibly because it was never released in Europe.

The game is a detached unauthorized sequel to the novel Parasite Eve which was written by Hideaki Sena. Sena notes that he had no input on the video game. It is not necessary to read the novel or watch its film adaptation to comprehend the story of the video game, although it adds backstory to the incident of Eve mentioned in Japan.

The story follows an intelligent half-white half-Japanese New York City police officer named Aya Brea, and her struggle against an ancient evil called “Eve” threatening humanity, animals, and all life on Earth. The horrifying bond between Aya and Eve will continue until one of them dies. The player, as Aya Brea, must hunt down the biological entity known as Eve, as well as mutated monsters along the way. The player must upgrade Aya’s weapons and hidden mitochondrial powers to save New York City.

Day 1: Resonance
The first day begins with Aya Brea, an N.Y.P.D. rookie who happens to carry a loaded handgun in her purse even off-duty, attending an opera at the Carnegie Hall with an unnamed date on December 24, 1997.

Aya and her date watch a medieval-style opera focused on a man named Edward in love with a “witch” named Eva. Edward’s father’s forbids him to marry Eva due to having evil powers, claiming those who fall for her beauty by a curse. Edward decides to die with Eva so she won’t be burned at the stake alone. During the opera, Eva’s actress, Melissa Pearce, locks eyes with Aya and suddenly, the cast spontaneously combust on fire, except for Aya, her date, and Melissa. The audience initially believes it to be part of the show, but when an actor on fire jumps off the stage into the audience, the audience panics and flee as the audience themselves are set on fire.

Aya would eventually learn that a mutated strain of sentient mitochondria, which had lain dormant in Melissa’s kidney transplant for years, awakened and began seizing control over humanity. Aya was granted great power due to the fact that she possessed Maya’s mitochondria (transferred to her body during a corneal transplant as a child), but they either evolved differently to be symbiotic due to geographical separation or they were unable to take control of her as it did Melissa because of Aya’s evolved cell nuclei.

After the audience has left or died, Aya confronts Melissa on stage who tells Aya she is immune to the combustion. Aya and Melissa fight; during the fight, Aya learns she can use mysterious powers known as Parasite Energy. Melissa fights using targeted energy beams, but Melissa eventually levitates away. Outside Carnegie Hall, police arrive, but do not enter because of the danger (their bodies feel heat even outside the building) and can only supply Aya ammunition for her handgun.

Downstairs, Aya witnesses a rat mutate into a monstrosity known as a Neo-Mitochondrial Creatures or NMC. Aya also finds a diary that reveals Melissa overdosed on immunosuppressants and despite feeling sick, Melissa avoided going to a doctor and mentioning her illness to others in fear that it would cause her to give up her lead role. Aya confronts Melissa backstage who is playing the piano, and Melissa says that Aya’s mitochondria need more time to develop. Melissa then mutates into a flying beast known as Mitochondria Eve and descends into the sewers, declaring that her name is now Eve. After a short trek in the sewers and fighting mutant frogs and an alligator, Aya arrives outside Carnegie Hall where she learns she is the sole survivor of the incident as everyone else burned to death (although it is unclear if her date survived or not). Aya’s police partner, Daniel Dollis, escorts her away from the scene.

Over the course of the next few days, Eve begins to transform humans, animals and organisms into NMCs. Aya kills NMCs in order to end their suffering and eliminate the danger they possess.


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