Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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SIRT6, FUCOIDAN & LONGEVITY: Will Activating SIRT6 Extend Your Life? [2021]

SIRT6 & FUCOIDAN: In today’s video, we examine the new paper that just came out on activating SIRT6 and the supplement extracted from seaweed that activates it.

We’ll do a quick review of what sirtuins are and how they function before jumping into the new paper that was published last month on SIRT6. Prof. Haim Cohen and his team extended the lifespan of both male and female mice by as much as 27% (or over 30%, depending on who you believe). Then, after discussing the activation of sirtuin 6, we’ll talk about Prof. Vera Gorbunova and a new supplement that she has discovered which she claims will do just that…activate SIRT6!

Prof. Cohen’s study has galvanized the longevity community, so join us as we take a deep dive into this innovative new intervention.

Chapters & Timestamps:
00:00 Intro
02:21 Sirtuin In The News
04:08 Sirtuins: What Are They & How Do They Function?
10:00 SIRT6 Extends Lifespans In Mice
14:38 Activators Of SIRT6
17:01 Fucoidan & DoNotAge

LInks to studies in this video:


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28 thoughts on “SIRT6, FUCOIDAN & LONGEVITY: Will Activating SIRT6 Extend Your Life? [2021]
  1. Sounds like BS. I hear David Sinclair is close to marketing a product. Actually in FDA trials. It sounds to me like good o’l fasting and mindful calorie restriction is still the way to go. All these supplements to activate this or block that, just not sure.

  2. I don't know why none of these organizations have genetically engineered foods to produce significant amounts of the ideal form of anti-aging compounds, like fucoidan.

  3. median lifespan is how long most of the mice live. Max lifespan is how long the oldest mouse lives. If most mice live 48 months, then 30% increase is (48 x .3). If Max is 58 months then max is 58 x it's percentage increase. Thus max lifespan could still be higher than median lifespan notwithstanding the fact that median increased by a greater percentage value.

  4. This stuff from DoNotAge about some fucoidan inhibiting SIRT6 and some activating it sounds like an elaborate and untruthful marketing ploy. If they are extracting pure fucoidan it makes no sense that it could have completely opposing actions. Either there is a contaminant in some batches or they are actually isolating fucoidan derivatives that have slightly different chemical structures and so have different biochemical actions. Even if the latter is the case chemicals that are structurally very similar usually have similar actions. All sounds a bit far fetched.

  5. I am skeptical that only the "special" DoNot Age fucoidan works. I am going to quote Dr. Gorbunova directly about a generic statement about seaweed in general . "So countries with the highest consumption of seaweed are Japan and South Korea. So people in these countries have the highest life expectancy and they eat a lot of seaweed."" Source: The FIRST Sirtuin 6 Activator is now on the Market
    Jun 7, 2021, My NMN Experiment. None of the people in Japan and Korea are eating the special DoNotAge supplement and they are living the longest according Dr. Gorbunova.

    Lots of foods activate Sirtuin 6. Mushrooms, olive oil, avocadoes, mexican oregano,, vegetables, berries. Certain anthocyanins in berries are linked to a more than 50 fold increase in sirt 6. Plus food is generally safer than supplements.

    Exercise also likely increases Sirt 6.

    Natural compounds as SIRT6 activators (in vitro):




    Fatty Acids:

    Oleic Acid

    Myristic Acid







    Sulfated Polysaccharides:




  6. Dark red pigments activate Sirt 6. For example berries ( elderberries in particular ) , red wine and Hibiscus tea. Imagine if Do Not Age managed to get a million people to buy Sirt 6 activator. So £ 1000 × 1 million. Yea , its " profitable " we could say that much with confidence. Who says you can't just eat seaweed. Oh hang on a minute …

  7. CONGRATULATIONS Lance! I think your decision to create a longevity course and charge for it in order to support your work on YouTube is brilliant. Your current videos bring all the detail of the complex chemistry and biology of longevity down to a level of understanding better than anyone else on YouTube. I know it takes a lot of time and work to do that, and I’m glad to support you in your ongoing efforts. This will, no doubt, be a win-win for everyone. You get support and your audience gets a pre-digested source of understanding and information for the ongoing longevity research and the resulting practical capabilities being produced in this complex field.

    Here are two aspects of the course that I personally would like to see. First, I would really like to have the course content available in some “printed” form in addition to or instead of video. The amount of information involved and its complexity are very large, and just having a video to watch in order for me to mentally capture everything is not adequate. If only video content were presented, I’d have to spend a large amount of time taking notes and creating complex diagrams that I could use for study and review to ensure that I can confidently reason about what I should be doing to extend my own longevity. Ideally, the course would be presented both in video and in a printed format, such as PDF. If that were done, we students could view the video first to get the big ideas involved, and then study the text and diagrams to cement the details in our heads.

    Second, a hybrid of one-time purchase and a subscription model of pricing might work well. A person could buy the course to get the first version. The course would have to be updated occasionally, maybe on a quarterly basis, in order to keep up with the rapidly evolving field. So a person could either re-buy the course at full price whenever they think it’s worth doing, or they could subscribe to updates after they have purchased the full course so they could have lower cost access to the updates on a continuous basis. And if you really want to confuse everyone, you could also create two tiers of the course – one lower cost tier of video-only, and a higher cost tier of video and printed material.

    I’m not trying to tell you how to run your course, Lance; I’m just casting my vote for course features I’d like to see. However you do it, I’m sure it will be a major contribution to the many people who don’t have PhDs in this field but still want to understand it in order to extend their lifespan and healthspan. Thanks so much for doing this!

  8. Given the high number of Fucoidan supplements on the market, it is a hard-to-believe luck that the donotage product is the one specifically screened for sirt6-activation.

    It would appear that Fucoidan is not a molecule, but a group of similar molecules. Can it really be true that we cannot isolate and characterize the right variants?

    btw 2200+ articles on pubmed https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=fucoidan

  9. Great video lance. I've watched some of the other peoples videos and I was confused as well. And it seems like there is still some confusion remaining. I'm suspecting the researchers are now influenced by $$$ and might be making some less conservative claims. Thanks for sorting through all of this and boiling it down to 20mins. It must have taken you a long time! I'm going to wait a few more months for more coherent results. One question. If NMN activates all Sirtuins, why bother with Fucoidan? Or is it that NMN only activates the de-acetilysation part of SIRT6?

  10. Great. As a newbie, there's a lot more I don't know than what I do know. Paying you for your knowledge saves me time and eliminates the wasted efforts. I look forward to it.

  11. Extra virgin olivoil may activate sirt6 and promote DNA repair

    Quotes from the reports below:
    Oleic acid is found in plant-based oil (olive oil), nuts, vegetables [93], and linoleic acid is naturally available in plant-based oil, nut, meat, and animal products [96]. Both oleic acid and linoleic acid have been reported as potent activators of SIRT6.

    These long-chain fatty acids bind with a large hydrophobic pocket of SIRT6, and thus induce a conformational change that stimulates the deacetylation activity of SIRT6. Rahnasto-Rilla et al. studied a series of ethanolamides to identify whether they inhibit or activate SIRT6. They found that all these compounds exhibited a strong activating effect on SIRT6 at 100 µM concentrations with the fatty acids, thereby demonstrating a direct regulation relationship [60]. Nitro-oleic acid and nitro-conjugated linoleic acid bind to the hydrophobic slot of the SIRT6 active site causing a moderate activation of SIRT6 at 20 µM concentration [113]. Oleic acid and linoleic acid have been reported to produce free radical scavenging activity, thus, they might be effective in the treatment of oxidative stress-associated disorder

    Oleic acid makes up 55–80% of olive oil, 15–20% of grape seed oil and sea buckthorn oil (Li, 1999).

    "Effects of oleic acid (OA) and glucose on poly (ADP)-ribose polymerase (PARP) activity and intracellular nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) content."
    Look at the diagram in link:

    One tablespoon olive oil is=~10000mg Oleic acid
    10000mg=1mg/dl (100kg body mass)
    100 µM=1mg/dl (strong activating effect on SIRT6 according to report)
    15ml extra virgin olive oil shuld do the job activating sirt6 if i understund this right.

  12. Personly I do not believe they are the only ones that sell the specific fucoidan that works,sounds like a money tree, considering it is a very cheap substance .

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