Tuesday, October 19, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

5 Mistakes People Over 50 Make with Longevity & Aging

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28 thoughts on “5 Mistakes People Over 50 Make with Longevity & Aging
  1. The only study, to date, that ties sucralose to changes in the gut microbiome was funded by the University of Georgia, who, in turn, receives a huge amount of money from Coca Cola. Coca Cola basically is Big Aspartame and thus has a vested interest in making sucralose look bad- especially since they had/have competitors that advertise 'sweetened with splenda.' (Pepsi was using splenda for a few years).

    Any NNS study worth it's salt is going to test all of them. Studies that focus on a single sweetener, like this one, 99 times out of 100, they're going to be a hit job.

  2. Thomas if Carbohydrates were so bad as you age. What do you say about a lot of the so-called Blue zones around the world. Most of these people have high Carbs diets.

  3. I can’t loose the w…. I feel extremely water retention ‼️if I eat just Bacon 🥓 & eggs 🥚 I gain more weight ‼️🙏 I exercise I keep the carbs under 20 mg & still gaining weight!‼️ I don’t know what to do ‼️

  4. Thank you for all the valuable information you provide to us. By the way, Pruneti olive oil is really wonderful. I discovered that when I was in Italy on vacation. Have ordered from Prunet directly. Thanks also for the information on Sucralose. Will throw out my protein powder with sucralose today.

  5. I dont understand why spanish olive oil is not taken in consideration when talking about olive oil, having in account is much better than the italian one

  6. Isn't pork fat (aka lard) comprised primarily (more than 50% I believe) of Oleic acid? As such isn't it as good a choice as olive oil for its lipid profile?

  7. People are different. Don’t stereotype people by giving all people cookie cutter advice. I live alone now and I love it. I do not ever want to live with other people again. I don’t need to be surrounded by other people to feel whole and happy…my cats are much better company for me… Lol

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  9. I have viewed this one of T's vids, being over 50 now, and only quibble with one statement at the end. T mentions a study about people entering nursing homes "going downhill." However, I can tell you that my Mother, in her 90s, was going downhill while she lived with me as she only wanted to watch TV and do nothing else, stating that she was "fine and comfortable." However, once the Dr. Ordered that she should go to a nursing home, she began to attend all of the activities ("to get my money's worth" she said) and her overall health and cognitive scores actually improved!! (COVID threw a monketwrench in that but that is an anomaly hopefully!)

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