Monday, October 18, 2021
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Strike First Gaming Show: Episode 4 "What Were Your Favorite Console Gaming Accessories?"


Cobrakai Tone, Tron, Dr. B-Galaxy B, Kitty Kaboom and Fu-Sung Cookye come together to discuss what were their favorite console gaming accessories growing up in the 80’s and 90’s leading all the way up till today’s current generation of video games.

Production Information:

Goddesses Media:
(Show Production Main Website)

Strike First Gaming:
(E-Sports Team Main Website)

Production & Staff:

Opening & Ending Themes: STP Productions: Music Engineer & Artist: Steve Currie II

Executive Producer & Main Show Host: Michael A. Saxton (Fu-Sung E. Cookye) Goddesses Media

Co-Executive Producer and Co-Show Host: Anthony Velonza (CobrakaiTone) Strike First LLC

Co-director & Lead Writer: Fu-Sung E. Cookye (Michael A. Saxton)

Associate Executive Director & Technical Advisor: Robert Miles (Executive Geek Productions)

Executive director: Emmanuel Valencia

Video & sound editor: Emmanuel Valencia

Community Outreach Manager: Andrew Reynolds (IIIAM entertainment)

Associate Technical advisor: Andrew Reynolds (IIIAM Entertainment)

Social Media Manager: Rochon Perry (Cedar Grove Publishing LLC)

Executive Marketing Director & Social Media handler: Rochon Perry (Cedar Grove Publishing)

Writer & Segment Host: -VR Adventures- Ramon Velonza (Cobratron)

Writer & Segment Host: -Hip Hop Japanese Street Fashion- Brandon Chaney (Dr. B-Galaxy B.)

Writer & Segment Host: -Anime cosplay and anime politics- Catherine Contreras (Kitty Kaboom)

Writer & Segment Host: -The Toy Box & Toy Collectables- Anthony Velonza (CobrakaiTone)


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