Tuesday, December 7, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

Living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I ARTE Documentary tv

Millions of people worldwide suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS), an extreme and persistent exhaustion for which there is no cure. An investigation into a little known illness focusing on the experiences of three individuals suffering from CFS: Ralf, Sonja and Aileen.

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37 thoughts on “Living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I ARTE Documentary tv
  1. I believe cannabis, Namely sativa strains, But I feel cannabis helping create homeostasis can help a bit at least, After all we have a endo-cannabinoid system, But yeah if cannabis helps create homeostasis then surely that got to help a bit??

  2. cfs= lebendig begraben sein. du hast nur noch energie zum atmen. umfeld reagiert mit unverständnis. es wird mit launenhaftigkeit und allüren interpretiert. der cfs'ler ist sozial isoliert.

  3. Thank you so much. It took me 5 years to recover from Glandular Fever. Fifty years later I am struggling for over a year to recover from Covid.

  4. In my early 30’s I had personal ladies issues which lead to chronic fatigue & eventually fibromyalgia! Now in my 60’s it’s now most probably early on~set of Multiple sclerosis, I’ve been told by specialist after I fell recently & broke my foot in half, yes half! I didn’t have glandular fever or such thing’s, but I did have two major operations in my early 30’s. It’s awful. And if you look ok like me most of the times people don’t understand, they make you feel like a liar!

  5. Ich hatte diese Krankheit und all die furchtbaren Symptome. Ich dachte mein Leben sei zu Ende! Die Informationen von Anthony William haben mein Leben gerettet 🙏 an alle Betroffenen, lest eins seiner Bücher!! Darin findet ihr Eure Antwort!! Wirklich !! Ihr könnt wieder fit werden und ein lebenswertes Leben führen und Euch sogar ganz heilen ☺️

  6. Eine super Doku. Als Betroffene hab ich schon viel probiert. Nichts hat bislang geholfen.
    Könnte es ein Ansatz sein, die Mitochondrien wieder aufzubauen – wie auch immer. Ich hoffe, dass sich diese Doku auch Ärzte anschauen, hauptsächlich diejenigen, die uns als psychosomatisch abtun.
    Eine Kritik jedoch: ich fand es extrem anstrengend, die englischen Teile zu übersetzen, wo keine deutsche Übersetzung war.

  7. It’s a disservice to call it “chronic fatigue” it’s more like living with end stage cancer where you are so weak, unimaginable brain fog, can not sleep, heart racing feels like severe anxiety and many other debilitating symptoms…your body is fighting itself but you are not at the end stage you live it day in and day out. It is most frightening to feel like this daily as you do feel like you are dying losing hope, removed from everything…barely existing. The ones who judge better hope your health stays strong as most could not endure or can imagine what this is like. I tell people your worst hangover/flu times that by ten…daily.

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  9. Today I managed two hours of knitting and an hours housework. Im resting now waiting till I can manage to organise and feed myself before I retire for the day. Its really not fair how everyone else has the energy to do things all day long. My boyfriend hates it, he calls me lazy and mocks me if I tell him Im too tired to do what he tells me.He resents having to do almost all of whats required to keep us provided for and I hate being such a burden on him so much that this takes away my will to live. I feel I have no right to be taking so much away from the living of another.

  10. Ich empfehle den Forschern und den Betroffenen das Buch "Medical Medium" von Anthony William, es beschreibt eine Lösung.

    Es ist nicht psychosomatisch, es ist das EBV in Verbindung mit Belastungen im Körper (Schwermetalle, Gifte etc)
    Ich bin/war selbst betroffen und es geht mir seit Jahren von Tag zu Tag immer besser! Es gibt Hoffnung 💞

  11. Thank you so much for giving attention to this illness. We have been ignored for too long, and mainstream medicine is not helping us.

  12. 31 years old. I have it. Got it when I was 28. First they thought it was a strong burn out. Today it is a bad day. It is like having a flue and high feaver on a chronic base. Unfortunately there is no cure. Meditation helps a lot in dealing with the pain and fatigue

  13. It could be related to extreme depression due to a psychological trauma that’s what I experienced three times in my life and I don’t want to experience that ever again

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  15. Thank you for giving us a voice ❤️ I have had ME since I was 22. I have been bedridden for 4 years. I am now 32, feeling a bit better, but still using a crutch or a wheelchair to go out of my house, on rare occasions. I still depend on help for groceries, cooking and cleaning. I dream of being a healthy 32-year-old, with a full time job and independance , who can do sport, travel, go to restaurants… ❤️

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