Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Keto Diet Proven Effective in Alzheimer's – with Dr. Phillips | The Empowering Neurologist EP. 128

In our discussions in recent years about Alzheimer’s disease, certainly one dietary recommendation seems to gain the spotlight and that is a diet that helps produce ketones. To be fair, most of the support for a ketogenic diet thus far has been theoretical although early animal research has been supportive.

Now, I’m excited to report that an actual interventional trial using the ketogenic diet in Alzheimer’s patients has been completed and has demonstrated quite remarkable results. The study, performed by my friend Dr. Matthew Phillips in New Zealand, demonstrated significant improvement in a variety of parameters in Alzheimer’s patients who were placed on a ketogenic diet in comparison to their standard diet. Here is the actual study:

Many of you may remember Dr. Phillips as he appeared on the podcast in the past describing his results of using a ketogenic diet, successfully, in Parkinson’s disease:

Here’s more information about him.


Matt is a full-time clinical and research neurologist at Waikato Hospital, Hamilton, New Zealand. His foremost passion is to explore the potential feasibility, safety, and efficacy of metabolic therapies, particularly fasting and ketogenic diets, in creating alternate metabolic states that may improve not only the symptoms, but also function and quality of life, for people with a variety of difficult disorders.



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19 thoughts on “Keto Diet Proven Effective in Alzheimer's – with Dr. Phillips | The Empowering Neurologist EP. 128
  1. A strict Keto Diet can significantly treat Autism. I can prove it as it's success has been around for about 90 years. At a major Hospital in the USA.

  2. I have seen and heard a good number of videos about how ketones could help dementia like Alzheimer's, so this doesn't surprise me, but it is great news for hard evidence!
    My mom has early-mid stage Alzheimer's (not yet diagnosed but pretty obvious) and I have tried to encourage her to go low carb if not keto — even buying low-carb foods and preparing such meals whenever we eat together (or for her leftovers). But she is now 79 and it's been hard for her to give up her favorite simple-carb foods and food brands. No matter how many times I've told her about the benefits of low-carb, keto, and time-restricted eating (IF), she doesn't seem interested, or doesn't remember any of it anyway. So if someone already has short-term memory loss and short attention spans, what tactics can work to get them on board with keto, IF, or other beneficial changes? Are there experts on health motivation for elderly, forgetful, and/or stubborn people? If so, can you interview them for your show?

  3. Thank you both. This needs to be addressed in aged care facilities where 6 high carb meals are still given followed by the daily concerns of poor bowel function. The potential of improved cognition, reduction in painful stiff joints and lethargy is all possible!!

  4. Very informative…thank you. Wish our family had known this when our mother was first diagnosed with alz 15 yrs ago. My brothers and I would have gotten her onto keto asap. She is still alive but in a home care facility and extremely advanced stage now. It was incredibly sad and difficult to watch the disease strip her of her verbal eloquence and her agile, well read mind and reduce her to a mental shell of what she used to be. My hope is that with this new research others won't have to suffer thru watching (and caregiving) of their loved ones diagnosed with Alzheimer's. (And as a form of both better health AND prevention, I am glad to be on the healthy version of the keto diet myself…thanks to a guy named Dr. Berg here on youtube.

  5. Congratulations Drs Perlmutter and Philips on your groundbreaking work to blaze this important new “trail” on prevention of metabolic and mitochondrial disease. I’m following your trail as closely as I can, and only ask that you just keep pressing on.

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