Tuesday, August 3, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

22. Glucogenesis/Carbohydrate Storage/TCA Cycle I

MIT 7.05 General Biochemistry, Spring 2020
Instructor: Matthew Vander Heiden
View the complete course: https://ocw.mit.edu/7-05S20
YouTube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUl4u3cNGP62wNcIMfinU64CAfreShjpt

After a quick review of the regulation of glycolysis, Professor Vander Heiden discusses glycogen metabolism, fructose and galactose metabolism, and introduces the tricarboxylic acid cycle (TCA) cycle.

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2 thoughts on “22. Glucogenesis/Carbohydrate Storage/TCA Cycle I
  1. The first half of this course, taught by Prof. Yaffe, is available on the MITx platform as 7.05x Biochemistry: Biomolecules, Methods, and Mechanisms. The videos below are from the second half of the course with Prof. Vander Heiden, which focuses on metabolism. The exception is Lecture 12, which is in the first half of the course and was taught by Prof. Vander Heiden. See https://ocw.mit.edu/7-05S20 for more information.

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