Saturday, May 28, 2022
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A Day in my Life | Studying Biology🌿 | Collab w/ @Mighty Mitochondria | NEET 2024 | 12 Hours Study ✨

Hey Everyone,
How are you all ? Hope you and your family is safe and sound !
I know the condition all over the world is critical and for students studying with negativity all around is very difficult as motivation level is zero.
My Last vlog got so much love from u guys, so I thought to continue this series 🙂

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~ Avaneesh


📌 Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s my name?
Avaneesh Sai

What grade do I study in?
10th grade

Which apps do I use for editing videos?
VITA for video editing and Canva for thumbnails

What are my hobbies?
Reading books, studying, singing and editing videos 🙂

What is this channel all about?
On this channel, I post vlogs related to studying, student life, art and vlogs… basically whatever grabs my interest!


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Pure Imagination – Future James
Prod By Lukrembo
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Mike Leite – Happy
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Music by VITA


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8 thoughts on “A Day in my Life | Studying Biology🌿 | Collab w/ @Mighty Mitochondria | NEET 2024 | 12 Hours Study ✨
  1. It was so nice to collaborate with you😊
    Thankfully, everything went pretty well.
    The video is just awesome and aesthetic as always. Loved the way how productive you are! And yes…your editing skills are excellent.
    Well done✌
    Hope we will collaborate again!
    Thank you😇

  2. What should be my next video?
    a) Just another Study vlog
    b) My Productive 4:00 AM Morning Routine
    c) A week in my life
    d) Pulling an All-nighter

    PS: Guys we are close to 200 subs
    Current Sub count:133
    So let's do it ✌

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