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Mitochondrial Health

Mitochondria Part 02| Lec#20 | 1st year, 9th biology urdu/hindi lecture/MDCAT lecture |Ch#04

Must visit last two minutes.
In this topic ” Mitochondria Part 02″ we will discuss about the quistions

Long Quistion
L.Q:Write a note on structure and function of mitochondria?

Short Questions
1.How outer and inner membrane of mitochondria differ from each other?
OR .Define cristae?
2.Differentiate F1-particles from cristae?
3.Why mitochondria called self replicating organelle?
4.Give functions of mitochondria?
5.Why mitochondria called power house of cell?
6.Where in mitochondria are the enzymes and salts etc, present? Name one cycle occuring here? Fdrl




Chepter # 04
The Cell
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