Monday, May 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

7 Ways To Optimize Your Immune System with Dr Tim Jackson

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In this episode, I’m speaking with Dr. Tim Jackson, who is a doctor of physical therapy. Dr. Jackson’s clinical expertise spans everything from brain rehabilitation, functional endocrinology, Lyme Disease, and stealth pathogens to integrative gastroenterology, mold toxicity, epigenetics, and mitochondrial dysfunction.

In this podcast, Dr. Jackson and I discuss:
What does the immune system really do?
How mold affects your health (and the best steps to detox it)
How optimizing your body temperature boosts your energy levels
Addressing stealth infections for optimal immune function
The effect of chronic low-level stress and how you can modify the stress response
The powerful health benefits of sauna

Show Notes
Why detox is critical for high energy levels (0:32)
Optimizing your body temperature for high energy levels (13:30)
Gut health for superhuman energy (19:50)
Treat stealth infections to boost your energy levels (26:11)
Eliminate your stress for superhuman energy (33:56)
Using exercise for high-level energy (37:34)
Sauna for superhuman energy (41:30)


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