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CBR SBME Research Day 2021 – Wed Aug 11 (Part 2/4)

CBR-SBME Research Day celebrates the conclusion of the Centre for Blood Research-School of Biomedical Engineering (CBR-SBME) Summer Studentship Program, and showcases cutting-edge and innovative research projects conducted by undergraduate and medical students over the summer months. CBR-SBME Research Day 2021 took place on Wednesday August 11, 2021.

0:00 – 1:16:51 – Session 1: Summer Student Presentations

Summer student presenters from Session 1:
– Adan Moallemi ​
– Adrian Marcuzzi​
– Alexander Golab​
– Alexandra Witt​
– Amanda Murphy​
– Ardin Sacayanan​
– Arian Sadigpour​
– Atishay Jay​
– David Chen​
– David Mackay​
– Elijah Tongol​
– Emily Chan​
– Emmanuel Garrovillas
– Eric Lyall​
– Francesca Ferraresso​
– Hailey Chapman​
– Han Nguyen​
– Hoanne Chan​
– James (Hyun Ku) Chae​
– Janella Schwab

Read the CBR-SBME Research Day 2021 Booklet, which showcases lay abstracts from summer student presenters, a foreword from the program coordinators, and other exciting highlights:

Learn more about the CBR-SBME Summer Studentship Program:


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