Sunday, June 4, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

NAC & NR Supplements Improve Parkinson’s Disease?

A new trial suggests that a combination of NAC, Nicotinamide Riboside, Serine, and Carnitine will improve the cognitive performance of Parkinson’s Disease patients.

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35 thoughts on “NAC & NR Supplements Improve Parkinson’s Disease?
  1. Thank you very much Dr. Brad.
    Since your first videos on the couch, I'm very grateful that you always bring us all the news related to the longevity field, and more, giving your personal thoughts and experience. No matter the news, or how you view it, the way you present it makes anyone happy to watch it.
    It is indeed a privilege to have a channel like yours in my world.

  2. On topic of dosage within this study: "Both placebo and CMA were provided in powdered form in identical plastic bottles containing a single dose to be dissolved in water and taken orally one dose in the morning after breakfast and one dose in the evening after dinner. Each dosage of CMA dose contained a 3.73 g L-carnitine tartrate, 2.55 g N-acetylcysteine, 1 g nicotinamide riboside chloride, and 12.35 g serine"

  3. Statistical significance should raise alarm bells, it is a basic requirement for studies. Like to see if can be replicated…. Harps back to replication crisis in psychology. Well done Brad your emphasis on that point.

  4. Interesting study.
    In regards to "brain health". I have my own ongoing research with the combination of; Lions Mane Mushroom (min dosage 5 grams), Ashwaghanda ( min dosage 3 grams), and Bioprene/Piperine 20 mg, all taken as a daily dose, in the form of capsules. My question is what is your stance of the aforementioned supplements. Granted quality is of the utmost importance to receive maximum benefit, along with consistency in taking without fail, and the individual's body composition to customize the dosage to how their body metabolizes, their size, and the severity of the condition. Simply said, interested in your position and/or opinion? As the topic was Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Dementia, which I'm sure TBI could be mixed in with the lot as well.

  5. Old Dr. Brad: study results are gospel truth. New Dr. Brad: is there a researcher out there with an ounce of common sense? I am still waiting for the first study with negative results, and also some innovative virtual studies.

  6. Great timing.

    I am here for my 92 y/o father who is in the initial stages of PD. His symptoms are motor tremors, urinary incontinence and obvious cognitive decline. Unrelated: atrial fibrillation, knee osteoarthritis (bone-on-bone), hypertension, GERD. He has suffered from a TIA from which he recovered fully. He has lost a good amount of muscle mass from sarcopenia and I've been stressing the importance of resistance exercise and increasing dietary protein intake via food and supplements, but the pain and inflammation of the OA limits his ability to perform the exercises. He made a decision just recently to cease driving. I see nothing but a steady state of decline, barring any falls or other accidents which would accelerate that.
    I am familiar with both NAC & NR, etc. and take these myself. Hopefully, I can do a trial with a combination of these compounds to see if he shows any cognitive improvement. The toughest part is getting someone his age to take these long enough, if at all, since his generation is beholden to mainstream allopathic (sick-care) medicine!

    Any suggestions for a man at his advanced age would be greatly appreciated!

  7. Great analysis. This study suggests is that if the body has a way of increasing metabolism to reach a natural homeostatic balance either by exercise or by supplements, it can help. Improvement is especially relevant when you have an underactive metabolism due to a lack of physical activity or mental activity. Studies by Herman Pontzer, The Evolution of Human Metabolism, summed up concludes that when the body can't achieve balance naturally by burning calories through exercise, it will achieve it by triggering an autoimmune response like inflammation/arthritis to increase metabolism to achieve its homeostatic balance. The problem with supplements is that they can be toxic in high doses and have side effects that are not initially understood. Exercise is natural. Over and underactive immune responses seem to cause many diseases allowing them to either go unchecked, i.e. cancers or instigating them, as in Parkinson's disease /AD. Then you have diet factors which also act in combination with circulation and hormone balance etc. So the Med diet would have helped also. The study, therefore, is confusing.

  8. I love your analysis here! I like how you help the watcher see HOW you are thinking about these studies. I want to grow on my critical thinking in the area of health and longevity, and your videos are so helpful in that area. Thanks!

  9. Do all these chemicals cross the blood brain barrier? Also, I assume these are all oral doses? Why do all of the trials with NMN and NR use oral doses instead of sublingual? Since 90% or more of these precursors break down into nicotimamide, aren't they all really measuring the effects of nicotimamide?

    And lastly, by combining three different chemicals, a new exercise routine, and a new diet, there are so many confounding factors, how can the data be understood? This is in addition to the cohort issues you point out.

  10. In fairness, the study does indeed shows a way to cognitive improvement to the elderly No harm in trying, in fact I have been taking the same since a year ago. Also the supplements have lots of other health uses.

  11. I've been watching ALL your videos. What do you think of CoQ10 and Astaxanthin supplements? There's promise for CoQ10 to reduce overall aging, and for Astaxanthin to protect from UV damage.

  12. Farnesol works better. Turning on that mitochondrial quality control gene regenerates dopamine neurons, among other things.

    <3 PGC-1alpha

    I'll add this study to my list of studies into combined metabolic activators for Covid, Alzheimers, though. Its a good one.

  13. Comment perhaps off topic, or maybe not. This controversy over NMN v. NR, why not just take NAD+? I saw NAD+ is available on Alive By Science website. Also many of their products are available as sublingual. Is this not a better application? Interesting products line. Maybe check it out and provide some thoughts? Thanks!

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