Sunday, June 4, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

CELL: The unit of life (PART – 4), MITOCHONDRIA (Detailed structure , function & origin)

Hello everyone, this video is PART – 4 of the video series of the class 11th , chapter-8 i.e. CELL : The unit of life.

In this video we will learn about :-

1. Detailed structure of mitochondria (Outer membrane , peri-mitochondrial or inter – mitochondrial space, inner membrane and mitochondrial matrix).

2. Detailed function of mitochondria (Oxidative phosphorylation & aerobic respiration).

3. Mitochondrial matrix.

Link for PART-1 of this video series

Link for PART-2 of this videos series

Link for PART-3 of this video series

Link for videos series of Class 12th chapter – 11 Biotechnology (principles & processes)




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