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Detox Starts With Drainage

There is a right and wrong way to detox. It all starts with drainage!! Your body has a drainage funnel.

You HAVE to support your body’s pathways for toxin elimination first. This helps you effectively remove toxins from your body.

Think of your body as a vast city. Each house is like one of your cells. What if every homeowner took the garbage out, yet the trash was never collected? It would pile up and create problems.

The same thing could happen in your body. If you start pulling toxins out, but there’s no place for them to go, they pile up. And that could heighten the very symptoms you’re trying to improve.

For this reason, an effective regimen for detox starts with drainage.

Your large intestine or colon is at the bottom of the drainage funnel. If your colon is backed up, everything upstream from it can become backed up as well. That can happen when you’re constipated.

If you are constipated, you’re not efficiently removing the wastes and toxins your body needs to clean out. Pushing detox without first supporting this drainage pathway is a big mistake.


Just above your colon in the drainage funnel are your liver and bile ducts. Your liver is like the reservoirs that collect the wastewater from the entire town, separating the water and wastes. Then the water can be cleaned and sent back to the houses for reuse.

Your liver filters toxins from your blood and processes them for elimination. These are then deposited in your bile.

The bile is released through the common bile duct into your small intestine during digestion. Some of the bile is caught up in your stools and eliminated. That helps lower your toxin level.


The next step up in your drainage funnel is your lymphatic system. Though sometimes overlooked, it’s of vital importance. Your lymphatic system includes a network of vessels that drain fluids from your body tissues.

Your blood vessels “leak” fluid into your tissues — several liters a day. One of your lymphatic system’s jobs is to collect the fluid and return it to your blood. But first, your lymph nodes filter out viruses, bacteria, and toxins so your immune cells can deal with them.

Unfortunately, your lymph doesn’t always flow as much as needed. Unlike your cardiovascular system, your lymph has no pump like your heart pushing it where it needs to go.

Poor lymphatic movement results in tissue swelling. If you’ve ever had fluid buildup in your ankles, you know what this lymph stagnation is like

Brain Drainage

Above your lymphatic system in the drainage funnel are your organs and tissues. Your brain is a key focus here. It doesn’t have a true lymphatic system. Instead, it clears cellular wastes and fluids from your brain through the glymphatic system.

The glymphatic network in your brain works like a fleet of garbage trucks, collecting the waste in a city. Then the garbage is delivered to your lymphatic system for removal.


Your cells are at the very top of the drainage funnel. Cells are like houses in a city. Each home has waste products from tubs, toilets, and trash cans, right? Your cells have toxins and other wastes they need to get rid of, too.

Some of the wastes or toxins your cells accumulate come from external sources. These include pesticides, air pollutants, mycotoxins, and heavy metals in the environment. These toxins may cause mitochondrial dysfunction, so you need to get rid of them.

Your mitochondria generate the energy needed to support detoxification. They also play a role in immune defense and DNA repair. So, you need them working well to support your detox journey — and to reduce your risk of disease

So, you have to lay the right groundwork to start detoxing and healing at the cellular level. That means you need to tackle the drainage funnel from the bottom up, which ultimately impacts your cells.


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4 thoughts on “Detox Starts With Drainage
  1. Drainage is important to move toxins out!! Why doctors are not talking about this huge step for healing. Love Microbe Formulas especially Tudca is amazing and infrared sauna is soooo great for removing toxins!! Can’t wait to get my own and I know you are the best person who can help me with the purchase to choose the right one!! Thank you 🙏❤️

  2. Many of you have ask how me “How do I know my detox pathways are open and I am properly supporting drainage. This is a fantastic question and honestly there are a lot if answers

    1. If you are constipated or not having at least 2 bowel movements or more a day, this isnt a good sign
    2. If you are not sweating. The skin is the largest organ and you need to release toxins via sweat
    3. If you feel constantly fatigued, low energy your liver is most likely struggling; however this can fall into others categories too
    4. If you are not losing weight and bloated
    5. If you have constant headaches. However this can be die off and other categories for this too. Usually means lymphatic system needs more support

    Hope this helps!!!

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