Sunday, June 4, 2023
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The Power of Mentorship | Presented by Dr. Stephen Archer

You can’t do it alone! You need good mentors and sponsors to move your career forward! Who are they and what they do for you?

The WiSQ group is super excited to announce that Dr. Stephen Archer, the Department Head of Medicine at Queen’s University, will be sharing with us what is to be a MENTOR and SPONSOR of several successful mentees!

Dr. Archer has a long list of 74 former mentees. With his driven vision about medicine and research, he still inspires former and new trainees to become better today than yesterday!

Everyone has a different pathway to the success and experience different relationship along the way. If you are a student, staff, professor or an executive, you will be intrigued and motivated to become not just a good mentor, but a great mentor! Join us in this critical discussion!


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