Sunday, June 4, 2023
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All questions Covid with Dr. Al Johnson and Dr. Peter McCullough

Dr. Alfred Johnson interviews Dr. Peter McCullough on what you need to know about Covid-19 and early treatment. Contact Dr. Alfred Johnson:
Office number: 972-479-0400
Address: 997 Hampshire Ln, Richardson, TX 75080


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34 thoughts on “All questions Covid with Dr. Al Johnson and Dr. Peter McCullough
  1. Thank you, Dr. McCullough, for this wonderful information!!! This is Tammie, a patient of yours from years ago. You and Dr. Johnson are a blessing! Please keep posting information!

  2. Does anyone have the link to the study Dr McCullough was referring to when he spoke about the analysis by 'Merchew & Colleagues' from Ireland around the 7min 13 sec mark

  3. 6:05: I'm looking up info as I go: The CDC's recent (Aug 2021) update shows that ppl who have had Covid are TWICE as likely to get Covid again. 🤷 SO MUCH conflicting info- ALL from smart experts of whom I have no reason to doubt.

  4. Dr MCollough has flipped his lid. Baylor through him out. His protocol is just a letter to himself because he runs the journals its published in.
    Asymptomatic spread has been established.
    The death rate is over 1700 people a day . Go to dr bean for unabiased info. He supports vaccines and treatment.

  5. Vaccinated individuals are NOT landing in hospitals at anywhere near the rate of unvaccinated. Everyone I know in our near front-line universally report almost all or even all patients are unvaccinated. Not just the US, but in several European countries. Please don't float this nonsense of vaccinated falling seriously ill at the same rate.

    Also, stop confounding the efficacy numbers for vaccination. 42% effectiveness is for likelihood of acquiring an infection. The numbers are still in the 80%+ take against serious disease. This is why ~90-95% of ICU patients are unvaccinated, and why 99% of the deaths are unvaccinated. The longer we go unvaccinated the more petri-dish opportunities there are for successful variants to arise. Even if the current vaccines give nature antibody presentation they are still documentably better than not being vaccinated. Then if you do get a natural infection you will be far far far less likely to become seriously ill, and you will develope the broader antibody response to the rest of the attachable viral proteins (bilipid layer, etc).

    Speaking of vaccines, in the US were are nearing nearing approval of a more traditional vaccine presenting the fuller virion profile so we develope a more natural immune memory. I'll be getting that shot when it comes out, in addition to the Pfizer shots I got in April.

  6. I had the antibody infusion and I’m only 57 but I have a few underlying issues that they wanted me to do this. Best thing I could have done. I was headed to a hospital if they had not done this. Very thankful. My husband had them too and we both recovered 100%.

  7. Thank you doctors! I am a healthy 53 year old who got covid. I was told to go home and rest. I called my Dr office to find out what to do if I get really sick. I was told they do not treat Covid patients and to go to the ER if I get really sick. I felt abandoned. No meds given. I have been sick for 12 days. I finally got a call from Frontline Doctors and meds are on the way, but I'm already way into the virus. I hope I don't have any residual effects. This approach is just wrong. Thank you for your truthfulness.

  8. Thank you Dr. Peter McCullough: Will you please meet with the CDC and make this clear to them? Asymptomatic people can't spread this virus. Thank you!

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