Monday, December 6, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

One Day of Binge Eating Wrecks Your Metabolism 😳 Full Study Review

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50 thoughts on “One Day of Binge Eating Wrecks Your Metabolism 😳 Full Study Review
  1. I've done keto for about months. a couple weeks ago I did a cheat week. I didn't binge on the calories, just switched it back to carbs for 4 days to enjoy what I've missed. 3 of those 4 days I felt like hell and it took several days to get keto rolling again. Makes me scared to change it up the next time. Oddly enough, when I started keto I never went through the keto flu

  2. Crazy study. Sounds iffy from the start. Whose diet is 3500 calories a day to break even? plus they're eating normal meals all week with a binge, not "dieting" all week. I do keto with intermittent fasting 6 days a week with a cheat day when I work out to increase muscle growth. I feel like it works well for me but I haven't done any blood work. There definitely looks like a rebound effect from over consumption that would stabilize once getting back to healthy lifestyle. but it does show just how sensitive the human body is to diet and how easily it is in the modern age to over indulge.

  3. Hey Thomas I was wondering if you’ve done anything on the different brands/kinds of BHB supplement and electrolytes? I know you promote LMNT but it’d be helpful to go over the what to look for and what to look out for. Thank you!

  4. Thanks for your work Thomas — you help a lot of folks. Keto and fasting is a battle in today's world but well worth it. Vikings said "If you don't eat life life will eat you" and a major key to eating life is fasting

  5. Dang yesterday I went crazy.
    I ate some grapes, some watermelon, a larabar, that was just the begging.
    Man I just couldn't stop eating haha.
    I've been on a major cal deficit diet for over 8months though and have reached my goal.

    I'm still learning to keto-cycle, and if the groceries would stop offering these beautiful fruits I could go back on keto! haha
    I allow myself this one luxury, since as you've put it in some of your videos,
    humans would of ate what they had access to,
    maybe I found a wonderful spot with fruits, a garden of eden if you will ;P

  6. Thank you this explains exactly what’s going on with me. I would be so focused on Keto M-F and jumping off the wagon the weekends. I now understand now it’s a vicious cycle and never keeping my weight losses. I’m clear now, and willingly getting back on the wagon.

  7. So does this mean that a 48 hr fast immediately following a cheat day would be a bad strategy? Should you have a day of maintenance first and then the 48 hr fast?

  8. "at the mitochondrial level" ROFLMAO…You can't make this shit up. You are funny! "The biggest weapons of mass destruction in the USA are The Knife,Fork and Spoon!"-Dr.Winkel

  9. What did ancestries do? The food is hard to come by. When they catch something big they binge. I don’t think it’s unnatural to vary in the food intake from time to time. I find these research fishy. Maybe it’s just me.

  10. Well, now I guess I feel kinda bad because I had a cheat weekend while fasting for 16 hrs each day. Now it's Monday and I feel like I need to go a few days to level myself back out.

  11. My metabolism is alot better on a controlled reasonable sized two meal a day routine. I did use to have peanut butter as my calorie pusher but it was too much, it kicks you out of a good mood also.

  12. I don't know, I don't binge eat. I never have. I'd say maybe except once every other month where for an entire day I will be insatiably hungry. I don't eat garbage and crap but there will be no end to my hunger.. the next day it doesn't make any difference. I'm curious if I eat 5,000 calories in a meal is my body absorbing all of it or am I crapping some of it out?

  13. My cheat meal, is 2-4 times a year, I'll have a piece of keto cheesecake.
    Why would I go back to what was killing me. Hey Thomas I can slap together a hypothesis on unaware codependency to the food that kill.
    Bad relationship skills aka more food cheat days. Lack of self awareness and emotional immaturity = I don't know why I'm not loosing weight. Just one of many possibilities. When you cheat you cheat on yourself.

  14. 3300/day? Damn. I just did a 2 month diet. I started at 500 calories below my maintenance of 2250 calories slowly reducing till the last 2 weeks was 1450 calories/day. Eating at my 2250 calorie maintenance felt like I was pigging out. I did lose 20 Lbs so It was worth it.

  15. Ive gotten too skinny doing just dirty keto and exercise since January,I lost 37 lbs.I lost the (modest)man boobs and love handles but now have saggier skin(little turkey neck now),I have some Frank's crease appearing on my ear lobes my face looks a little brighter yet older at the same time.Im trying to put 10 lbs back on but weeks in its very slow going. I eat tons of food too.Confused.

  16. I’m not sure how to feel about this 🙃.
    I’ve been doing keto for almost 3 years now and managed to Los 70lbs and keep it off.
    I still dedicate one full day for my cheat day/ binge day whatever you like to call it lol.
    But I never experienced any issues?
    Yes I’d get bloated and gain a few lbs the next day but all of that would be gone the day afterwards or two days max?
    What am I missing here?

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