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L-Carnitine – Fat Loss, Huge Health Benefits, Side Effects & Studies! No PIP Formula!

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L-Carnitine is an all around fantastic compound. It has huge amounts of health benefits and can also help you lose stubborn fat. L-Carnitine has lots of scientific studies backing it up! Two issues with L-Carnitine is that it is not very bioavailable orally and must be pinned. The second issue with L-Carnitine comes from pinning it, which is Post Inj—tion Pain. I have found a formula of L-Carnitine that does give this nasty side effect! Please enjoy this deep dive into L-Carnitine!

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11 thoughts on “L-Carnitine – Fat Loss, Huge Health Benefits, Side Effects & Studies! No PIP Formula!
  1. Pretty sure no meat eater is deficient in l-carnitine. Take a supplement, even if you only absorb 20% and you take a 1g supplement you are definitely not going to be deficient. Injectable just sounds like voodoo science. Someone is just trying to make money.

  2. I get my L-Carnitine at 600MG per ml. I've noticed a significant amount of fat loss in the past two months of taking it. I take it on an empty stomach, 30 minutes prior to my workout.

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