Thursday, June 1, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Liz Parrish – an FFF Interview on Morphological Freedom, Aging and Gene Editing

Athamanatha Kitsune and Cam Cam interview Liz Parrish, the CEO and founder of BioViva Science and an early pioneer of gene therapy self-experimentation.

“When you’re talking about genetic therapies, you’re talking about the gateway to the freedom, autonomy and agency of one’s body that is really necessary for anything else, it’s really a civil rights issue.” – Liz Parrish

“I have the right to go jump out of an aeroplane with one simple signature, but I don’t have the right to genetically modify my body in this country in the way that I see fit.” – Liz Parrish

“People don’t understand how genetic engineering could save the species. 99.9% of species have gone extinct.” – Liz Parrish.

0:42: Telomere Lengthening therapies at BioViva: how does it work?
6:30: Did you have any other gene therapies?
7:48: Science vs Technological Development
10:57: Other symptoms of aging to target in the future
17:03: Why gene therapy and not pharma?
21:55: What else can BioViva do for Freedom of Form?
27:20: Gene Editing Mass Availability: Near or Far Future?
30:57: Gene therapy regulatory environment in different jurisdictions
33:33: The Right to Try Act
36:26: The Stigma of Gene Therapy
41:28: Aging from a personal perspective vs a scientific perspective?
44:35: Improved eyesight is a freedom of form matter.
46:02: Adapting ourselves to different environments
49:53: Beauty, normalcy and health in the future: gene therapy vs eugenics
51:57: Does transhumanism understand freedom of form?
57:28: Do you think morphological freedom is something we can show to people successfully?
59:23: Technically cured human aging
1:01:43: What advice would you give to the next biotech startup entrepreneurs?
1:04:49: Do science to fund science
1:07:30: You’re going to be a hero of the future!
1:08:43: Working in pyjamas
1:11:17: The impact of COVID on our technologies
1:14:25: Wrapping Up (for this cut of the interview)

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Video recorded via a Discord video call in California, Washington state and England during the Coronavirus pandemic. Due to issues with internet connectivity, the video quality was not perfect throughout and there are some places where the audio goes out of sync. We have attempted to rectify where possible but in some places we did not have any better footage or any suitable options to solve the glitches.


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