Monday, May 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Why It’s So Hard to Lose Weight After Age 30

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45 thoughts on “Why It’s So Hard to Lose Weight After Age 30
  1. I never had an issue losing weight until I hit 50 yrs old. At age 58 I learned about omad, with low carbs, low sugar, decided to stay away from fast food and no more diet cokes. Took off 45 pounds in 4 1/2 months at 58 yrs old (2019) and have been maintaining my weight since with actually another 15 pounds gone that I wasn't even trying to lose. A little underweight now and am trying to gain some weight back. Just don't want to get heavy again.

  2. When Iwas working at construction or gardening I was always lean and healthy.
    Now at computer and office jobs the only thing that works for me is low carb, or working out and moving around every day if I want to still eat carbs.

  3. No, once I figured out the way to do it, it was easy, simply go on an ultra low carb diet, I have lost 61 lb, first time in my life that I've been able to really lose weight, even though I exercise and only have eaten once a day for the last 25 years. Until about thirteen months ago, I was unable to lose weight, until I changed to an ultra low carb diet which has worked like a charm, averaging about a per 5 lb per month weight loss. I am 56.

  4. Just finished my first ever 4 day fast not easy but got there. My first meal was slice of toasted sourdough bread with sardines avocado garlic chilli spring onions olives poached eggs black pudding salt pepper and cumin it was absolutely delicious waited 4 days for that the only thing bad was the slice of sourdough bread I think , Back to my intermittent fasting 20/4.

  5. Thomas, do a video on breaking plateaus. I have broken 3 plateaus, and I am working on my 4th. Personally, I gorge 3-5 day, go on keto for a few days, mix intermittent fasting with keto for a few days, then I fast for 2-3 days. While breaking the first 2 plateaus, I didn't have to fast for 2-3 days. I am down to 16.2% bodyfat, and my primary body type is endomorph, meaning my body doesn't want to be below 20%. I am certain many of your listeners would greatly benefit from this.

  6. Was wondering if you ever done any suggested keto meal plans for people that had bariatric surgery? Had gastric bypass 6 years ago and I'm supposed to stay around 600-1000 calories a day. Struggling to find keto friendly meal plans that don't go up to 2000 calories a day. Also I'm not really sure how much fat to protein I'm supposed to have, they usually tell bariatric people to focus on protein. My doctor doesn't believe in keto so he won't give me any advice 😪

  7. Crept on after having my kids 26-30 years ago. Did nothing about it till nearly 4 months ago. Finally getting rid of it thanks to the greatest willpower and determination I've ever had in my life. For me it's obviously easier now at nearly double that age, than it was when I actually was not much more than 30.

  8. I've been doing 36 hour fast for 2 weeks the first 10 days I dropped 14 pounds but over the past three days I've gained 5 lbs. Iv cut out most salts, virtually all sugar and use light olive oil while cooking. On my feed days I eat 2 to 3 times a day approximately 2000 to 2500 calories without cheating at all. What is happening?

  9. 45 yo and started dieting over a year ago. Lost nothing for 3 months! Then started loosing 1 lb per week for a couple months. At about the 5 month mark something clicked and started loosing 4 lbs a week. Now I’m down 80lbs and am about 15% body fat per calipers. Counting calories and intermittent fasting is what works for me. If your older, just stick with it. Weight loss will eventually happen if your patient!

  10. Dear Thomas let me congratulate you on this master piece.
    Saving you on Thomas play list. You are good!
    All the topics fitted together perfectly in such way even I can get you're drift. Round of applause;)
    From Craig. GBR.

  11. I'm 71 years old. Started Keto lifestyle March 2020 at 225 pounds. I'm now 153 pounds. I'm hoping to finally slide that 50 pound weight to the left on the scale this month. I've been doing OMAD and sprinkling in 48 hour fasts monthly. I also gave up alcohol this past July. 56 days sober.

  12. First, Thanks a lot for all the great content, explanation, tips and advices in your videos. Getting to my 40 this year, tried to lose bunch of weight many times in the past but without great success. This April I decided to get serious about it, learned a lot thanks to your channel and started Keto+IF+exercise, in this 4-5 month period I lost 30kg (65lbs). Beside losing bunch of weight, I think I got much healthier: kicked out lots of bad habits (such as snacking, soda, junk food), feeling much better and health has been improving. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge!

  13. Yes, licking spoons is stressful!

    Me at 6pm: ok start fast

    Me at 7:50pm finishing late dinner for kids: if I lick this spoon or eat one tater tot will I have to restart my fast?🤔

  14. I lost nearly 50 lbs so far on keto and I’m 39 turning 40 in October. It wasn’t hard. I’ve tried to lose weight various ways for the past 10 years and keto has been the only thing that’s finally worked and been sustainable. Before I was doing keto, I was incorrectly doing IF eating 2 meals a day and slowly gaining weight. Got no results until I eliminated sugar and avoided carbs. I’m a different person both mentally and physically.

  15. THOMAS i can prove testosterone decline in men as they age is NOT NATURAL. ITS ENVIRONMENTAL! at age 30 my test was very low but still normal range. after switching from high carb to low carb whole food diet, it doubled almost immediately. then i went actual carnivore/keto , eating only zero processed foods or carbs like potatoes, only green veggies and my Test scores went up another 50%. then i started eliminating any and all chemicals from commercial deoderants, colognes, cleaning products, plastic cookware, stickless cookware to all organic , stainless steel or cast iron etc and my TEST went up another 25% . So nowadays 20 yrs later since i started this transformation at 30 to now 52 yrs old my testosterone is literally off the normal range charts and my Dr actually asked if i was on steroids.

  16. I have been watching Thomas for over a year now. He is repetitive and recycling the same information. I started Keto and I lost few pounds but then I started to gain weight, low energy and felt lethargic. I learnt quite a bit about eating healthy, don't take me wrong. I still eat healthy but I gained about 10 Ibs of weight. Most of his videos are infomercials. As if the views are not enough for him but he inserts a product in his rants. Such a turn off.

  17. They just released a very large study that shows your metabolic rate does not greatly slow down as we age until we get above 60. Over 6000 people in the study from newborns to 95 years of age.

  18. 35 here. I gained a considerable amount of weight over the last 18 months. Went from 185ish to about 230. Took me 18 months to gain 45 pounds. Restarted keto 3 months ago and am down to 198 this morning. My non keto diet is SO BAD that getting on keto protocol and calorie reduction the weight flies off.

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