Thursday, June 1, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

The WORST Keto Advice People Try to Give – Ignore Them!

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41 thoughts on “The WORST Keto Advice People Try to Give – Ignore Them!
  1. Great video! You are helping me realize why Keto has not been working for me for weight loss. This video showed me I eat too much fat, to lose fat. I LOVED your video regarding insulin resistance and I am working in a lot of your suggestions. Thank you.

  2. Please be careful with this advice. I am not a Type 1 diabetic (and not a weirdo). I fasted for 2 days – carefully with water, salt, magnesium and potassium. At the 40 hour mark, I passed out, tried to drink bone broth and threw it up and wound up in the hospital. According to my keto mojo meter, my glucose was 70 and my ketones were 7.5. By the time I got to the hospital my ketones were over 9 and they told me I was in "starvation ketoacidosis". I am 5ft4in and weigh 120lbs. Listen to your body (and not just Thomas).

  3. Thomas thank you for video you are producing, followed your advice to look only for grass fed proteins I still find there warning note say"this product can expose you to lead" is it something I should be aware of using protein powder?

  4. The simplest and safest advice is restrict carbs and, preferably, avoid processed foods or at least avoid industrial seed oils. After that, it's fine to eat less fat as long as you have excess body fat, but as soon as you've achieved an optimal weight up your fat intake to maintain your weight.

    Also, dietary fat will help you keep your energy at high levels. It doesn't need to be massive amounts of fat. Just don't eat more protein than your getting fat, at least once your past the weight loss phase. That is to say avoid lean meats. Keep in mind that the more physically active you are the more fat you'll need in the absence of carbs.

    It's not really about ketones, though. Minimal level of fats are needed for ketosis, but most people don't need to worry about ketones and constantly measure them. It's more basically an issue of energy. Even in ketosis, you'll also be burning fat itself as a major source of energy. How much fat you need is individual, depending on metabolism and activity levels.

    There is one other additional factor. The less food you eat and the less often you eat the more fat you'll need to get calories. This is particularly important for those doing OMAD, TMAD, and/or lots of fasting. When you're not eating, your body is forced to burn its own body fat. If you exercise while in a fasted state, you'll really burn body fat.

    That said, if you're still in the process of losing weight or if you're physical activity is extremely low, you really don't need much fat. So, an office worker sitting on their butt all day could be fine on a diet that is lower carb and lower fat while higher in protein. Still, don't be afraid of fat. Many people find that, in the long term, they need to add more fat than they did in the past. The body likes fat.

  5. Thank you, Thomas, I’m so happy that I chose to follow knowledgeable people. If a Keto site doesn’t recommend using the dietary clean foods or pushes wrong beliefs I reject them. I’ll stay with people like you, and a few others, that do the research.

  6. thank you Thomas. I have been trying to hammer this into people’s heads for the past year in different keto groups on facebook. So much false information. I will now refer ppl to this video…less stress, less time.

  7. Thomas I'm sooooo glad you actually talked about having only 0.5mmol Ketones cause I've been freaking out. Keto for 5yrs, but weight loss has stalled out. Was doing one meal every other day and on my Keto Mojo meter was having low blood sugar (72) AND low ketones (0.4-0.5). Only adding coconut oil could I get my ketones bumped up but it makes much more sense that you are consuming triglycerides before they convert to ketone bodies and that's why the blood concentration is so low.

    Thanks for that tip!

  8. Can you do a video on the different protein powder sources and your opinion on each. I personally use egg white protein powder, but there is very little content about it on YouTube. Thanks in advance

  9. absolutely LOVE your opening line. a big laugh to start the day and soooo totally true..well, not exactly. i actually listen to you..and follow up! LOL. thank you Thomas. have a BE YOU tiful day!

  10. Thomas, no matter where i look online, i cant seem to find the answer to this keto question, if i go off of keto for 7 months to a year and eat the standard american diet for example, do i lose all my fat adaptations from before or do i still have them when i get back on keto?

  11. I feel dumb because I truly don’t understand the meaning of macros. And everything I research
    not explain it in a way I can understand . I need someone to talk to me like I’m a two year old, please! Seriously I don’t get it

  12. I think the obvious thing is what works for you , I do omad high fat (i dont get hungry) and I drink 2 large glasses of Rum per day . I lost 25lbs in 4 weeks and my weigh has stabled at 10st 7lbs . I dont eat sugar i eat ultra low carbs . 5 months later I still weigh 10st 8lbs

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