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Black Oxygen Organics – This MLM Sells DIRT! | Dietitian Reviews

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Moose Creek Bog coordinates website:

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Parasite into by Jennifer Dumaine, PhD:

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@Savannah Marie video about BOO:
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0:01 Intro
1:17 Credits
4:41 Claims #1
13:53 What BOO is (according to them)
28:34 BOO’s Bog & Waste Management
26:51 Certificate of Analysis
33:34 Fulvic Acid Information
38:19 Parasite Info from Expert
43:14 Claims #2
48:15 Where to Report
48:46 What’s Next?
49:48 Outro
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26 thoughts on “Black Oxygen Organics – This MLM Sells DIRT! | Dietitian Reviews
  1. Hi Kat! I am not sure if you’ve already done videos specifically on this but if not, I think it would be interesting to talk in a video more about alternative medicine and holistic health products in general—a lot of the “woo” stuff. There is someone that I know that is really into that sort of thing and I also know that it seems like a lot of people in Los Angeles believe in a lot of these things such as detoxes. The person that I know even sometimes drinks bentonite clay which…I don’t think that is supposed to be consumed? Also things like claiming that pink Himalayan salt lamps cure ailments. I also think it’s strange that stores such as Whole Foods are able to sell “holistic alternative medicine” because I’ve read that those are diluted so much that it’s really just placebo and you are paying tons of money for something to not even have any effect.

    Back in 2017 I got sucked into some of this stuff and I basically got scammed into doing some sort of “biofeedback” even though that’s NOT what it was. The woman had me wear headphones and hooked it up to her laptop and had a program on there that supposedly showed my internal body and was like “oh yeah, this organ and that organ is weak and you have parasites”. I was like ummm…wth NO. This isn’t what I signed up for/thought this was going to be.” I think the scam is called something like “SCIO quantum energy machine”. IT’S NUTS. But I haven’t really found anyone on YouTube talking about this scam.

  2. So the symptoms this product treats. Every single person has one of them. Weight gain? “Sugar addiction”? Migraines? Seriously? You could argue that 95% of Americans have one of these never mind the other symptoms!🙄

  3. So glad you covered this! You make excellent points debunking these claims and making a strong argument to compel people to question these claims vs follow them blindly! I like that you discussed the claims with a professional so that real evidence-based information is shown.

  4. K2O cannot exist in anything that was exposed to moisture. I would really leave that part to a scientist. The K2O is a measurement of the amount of potassium in the sample. It is just useful for certain industries to measure potassium relative to the weight of K2O. Several industries make equivalent measurements like this.

  5. Not only are they eating dirt, they are eating dirt from a location on a landfil, a landfil which is liscensed to dispose of cattle who are believed to have/be able to transmit mad cow disesase

  6. Ooh! I am looking forward to the discussion about parasites! I was fed a lot of CRAP from Alternative Medicine about parasites for the purpose of selling me products. Fulvic acid was one of them. That could only be found in Utah. Supposedly the only Fulvic Acid source. Taken internally as drops, and it did NOT cure all those ailments listed. Yes, it tastes like dirt! What a bunch of hooey! Thank you Kat, for all of your hard work and sharing with us!

  7. Just some random notes I took during the video, Post C-19 symptoms, Fatigue, no energy, brain fog, and addicted to CAFFEINE!!!! OK, guess I'll order some of this and put it in my themos full of coffee, guess I'll switch to decaf?

    Helps with Fractures, Hemorrhoids, and Bursitis? Don't think I'll mix this with Preparation H or my Tiger Balm.

    I know the Placebo Effect is strong, but I think that one person w/type two Diabetes might be fibbing a little bit. If you want a mud bath, think you can get cheaper dirt.

  8. But what does the actual company claim? People will make up anything to get people to buy/join their team. But does Black oxygen organics say anything about parasites themselves?

  9. Regarding the Black Oxygen Organics' (BOO) Certificate of Analysis (COA) – as shown and discussed in this video:

    Some of the requirements of a legitimate and authentic COA:

    1. The first piece of information to look at is the 'Report Date' to be sure that the results are recent and relevant.

    2. The name of the testing or third party laboratory is to be listed prominently so that the lab’s existence and credentials can be easily verified. This also provides information should the consumer have any questions.

    3. There is to be a signature or 'signing off', by a representative of the lab, in order to prove the lab stands by their results. Locating the lab's license and credentials is also important to establish trust in the accuracy of its methods and results.

    4. The name of the Brand Company is to be listed.

    5. There is to be a Batch Number and it MUST be located on the product. The Batch Number, as noted on the COA, is to be identical to the one found on the product.

    My Observations:

    i. The Report Date on the 'only' COA, provided by BOO, is dated 2017. This is not considered 'recent' nor is it 'relevant' to any product being produced in mid-2021. The COA expiration date is noted as July of 2030. How is an expiration date of 2030 even possible to relate to an analysis of 2017?

    ii. There is NO third party laboratory name noted on their COA.

    iii. There is NO signature or 'signing off' noted on their COA.

    iv. The name of the Brand Company is NOT listed (it has "BOO Fulvic Powder" listed as the Material, but the Brand Company (full legal name) is not. The 2017 COA has been provided on 'BOO letterhead', not that of the third party tester/lab which does not make sense to me.

    v. Regarding the Batch Number, as identified on their COA, I CANNOT find it on either of the product packages that I purchased; I purchased 2 on my first buy.

    When companies engage in 'legitimate and authentic' third party testing they’re showing that they value quality and customer safety above all else. Moreover, their willingness to publish a 'legitimate and authentic' COA along with the product shows they are open and honest. During this time of great regulatory uncertainty, customers deserve nothing less than total transparency.

  10. Thank you for this! Also I saw something saying that there’s worms coming out of their poop, but there’s a thing where it looks like worms but it’s actually the lining of your intestines. If you could please look into that, I’m not sure how accurate that is but it is definitely concerning. Again, thank you so much for your input and I’m so glad people are starting to talk about this

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