Monday, May 29, 2023

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19 thoughts on “CPET-2021-ODISHA M.Sc Botany entrance exam answers key
  1. Error ans key video solutions-
    Questions no-50-B
    For Circular DNA the no of restriction site= No of DNA segment. Here 6 restrictions six segment..
    Already 5 segments are given i.e, 24,22,21,11,17= 95
    Then the last segment is 100-95= 5Kbp.
    Questions no 56-D
    During editing it was skiped
    Questions no-13-B
    Periblem is a primary meristem which is located between the plerome and the dermatogen and it forms the cortex
    58.(-,-) Competition- a negative interaction
    28-C- ATP

  2. Sir many Youtubers provide different answers but there are 2ans in some questions and what will the correct one google re b dauchi answer so and book re b
    Let take ques no 31-crozier formation ascomycetes re hue and eg-penicellium neurospora so amaku both c and d option deba ktha but nahi so 2ta thik heba na book re b achi . emiti ahuri ques re b same

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