Sunday, June 4, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

What Minerals (And Foods) To Eat for Peak Human Health | Dr. James DiNicolantonio

Today, I spoke with Dr. James DiNicolantonio after reading his latest book The Mineral Fix. I’ve been following his work for years, so it was cool to finally sit down with him. We take a deep dive into minerals such as calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, and more! We also talk about why it is optimal to eat nose to tail and include certain plant foods in your diet. You’ll learn a lot from this episode – it’s packed with practical advice!

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24 thoughts on “What Minerals (And Foods) To Eat for Peak Human Health | Dr. James DiNicolantonio
  1. Doesn't AcV (counterintuitively) lower body's acid load? ALSO, remember that many of these minerals are required as CATALYSTS (ie they are not themselves consumed in the metabolic reaction), so they are recycled, and the liver also stores them when released by apoptosis (that's why we eat animal livers). I think there may be a tiny bit of being too clever by half here.. Sometimes very micro-geeky guys cannot see the wood for the trees.

    I dunno, after 1 year animal based, my bloodwork is fine, everything has improved so far. Avoiding supplements now that I don't eat veggies. Infrared sauna for hormesis.

    This seems like a great way to obsess yourself to death and go right back to what the probs were when eating vegs. Not all about adding stuff. Sometimes it's what you take away,.

  2. Wonder what Shawn Baker would make of this.
    Although I've been carnivore because I have little tolerance for most plant foods, I feel substantially better eating small amounts of some carbs, namely berries, banana, kiwi, orange, cucumber, olives, potato, sweet potato. Animal-based with small amounts of favorable carbs, about 10% of total calories.

  3. I certainly believe my liver was toxic with eating liver for years and many times a week,, eggs, butter and creme all have good amounts of Vit. A.

    Recommend seaweed as the vegetable to go to vs. land veggies,, haven't yet been able find any anti nutrients in sea weeds. Also to grind your own bone meal eaten with each meal. I freeze rib bones so as to low temp grind them. Most bone meals are very abused with high heat processing.

    interesting about gerolsteiner for bicarbonates,, best as mentioned to eat before dinner. Seems to slow digestion if drunk after, but could be the cold status.

    Would like to have learned more about citrate? Sodium citrite??

    thanks for the show

  4. Animals will eat the bones too so does that help counter the calcium loss? I will gnaw on my lamb bones and often crunch through the smaller softer ones on the ribs!

  5. Cole Robinsons "snake juice" recipe is something I drink. 1-2 litres per day. His recipe is 1 tsp HC03, 1/2 tsp NaCl, 1 tsp KCl , 1/2 tsp MgSo4, per 2 litre jug of water. I also add a micro dose of boron, calcium citrate and zinc citrate. I adjust taste with "crystal light" or facsimile. When fasting this gives a significant boost in well being within a couple of minutes. As an unexpected side effect of this habit my borderline hypertension has melted away. Daily BPs now for months are 30% lower, both systolic and diastolic. I now have BP that is low normal, this morning 105/65. I had complete labs done 2 months after starting, no perturbations in lytes/cr etc. PS don't go view CR's videos they are a bit off colour. It is safe to see him interviewed, when out of character he is no longer x rated and obviously a very bright compassionate guy. The cost of using this approach is probably under $10./ year. He markets it on amazon in daily packets for $1.00/ day.

  6. Good one, Brian. Dr DNick always calls to my mind that old E F Hutton investment commercial that claimed, “My broker is E F Hutton, and he says….” and then panning to a large boisterous crowd of people quickly becoming pin drop silent in order to eavesdrop and overhear. And by that token, when James DiNicolantonio talks, I too listen. His statements are scientifically supported remarks— no hyperbole. He appears behaviorally rational as well— no tribes, dogmas, or specially contrived Bro science for the YT moment. And lastly, his juice card of accomplishments and professional associations within his regular daily life are nothing short of astonishing. Nice, Brian.

  7. I agree with carnivore being low in calcium and magnesium. I had really bad muscle cramps and needed to eat egg shells for calcium, supplemented magnesium glycinate and applied epsom salt water when I was strictly carnivore. Now after incorporating romaine lettuce and avocados I no longer get muscle cramps. I do supplement potassium citrate now to get K+ and citrate to offset the acid


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  9. A thought occurred to me, through movies 😏 I have been taught that drinking "Salt water" (Sea) "Drives you mad!" Is that true? Is it the concentration? Is it other factors?… I do know that my health is immensely improved by no longer following my GPs advice to avoid salt! Thanks Dr. J!

  10. No better task for a food lies channel to expose food liers. He had no single good answer other than thoughts to your questions. You were spot on with your questions, James was just 'assuming' all the time, making no sense at all.

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