Sunday, June 4, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Healthy Aging & Mitochondrial Optimization with Doctor Anthony Capasso

In Episode 7 of C60 Health Connections, we host Dr. Anthony Capasso to comprehensively explore the topics of healthy aging, mitochondrial optimization, and functional nutrition.

Dr. Anthony Capasso was in his medical residency, burning the candle at both ends, when he began experimenting with a mix of vitamins and amino acids to help improve his energy levels. After two weeks of taking his custom supplements, Dr. Capasso noticed a remarkable boost in stamina, accompanied by unexpected weight loss. He didn’t know it then, but in his experimentation, the foundation for one of his best-selling products, Mitoblast 2, was born.

Dr. Anthony Capasso, voted the #1 physician in Jacksonville, FL, is the founder and creator of Thin MD Med Spa. Much more than just a weight loss clinic, Dr. Capasso helps patients get to the root of health issues by utilizing comprehensive testing coupled with nutritional guidance in order to optimize mitochondrial function, the core of healthy aging and metabolism. His whole-body approach supports the building blocks of health for better digestion, hormone balance, sports performance and mitochondrial efficiency.

With over 25 years of experience in medicine, Dr. Capasso remains passionate about what he views as the key to health at any age. “The more mitochondria you have, the healthier you’ll be, period.” His products and programs are designed to increase and improve mitochondria in order for patients to look and feel their best from the inside out.

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